Calling all service design trainers: the time is now to apply for your official SDN trainer accreditation!


A Call From the Industry

In 2017, the Service Design Network conducted a member survey that revealed that 90% of respondents were interested in the establishment of a certified accreditation process that served as an industry benchmark in the delivery of educational excellence within the practice of service design.

Because the SDN consistently takes the concerns of our members and the needs of the industry to heart, we developed the SDN Accredited Service Design Trainer program to establish a select pool of certified trainers equipped to deliver the highest quality of service design training on a global-wide scale.    

What are the benefits of being an Accredited Trainer?

As an SDN Accredited Service Design Trainer, you’ll not only have a two-year certification for your training activities but also benefit from the following:

  • A physical, as well as a digital, SDN Accredited Trainer certificate that is easily shareable 
  • An all-inclusive, two-year SDN professional membership (worth €360) including all member benefits
  • An official accreditation badge adhered to your personal SDN online member profile that can be seen by our pool of 15,000 members and community followers 
  • Promotion of you and your activities across our SDN social media channels, website, newsletter, email marketing campaigns, events, etc.
  • Invite to “inner circle” SDN events and opportunities that allow you to further develop your professional skills
  • Use of the SDN logo on brochures, business cards and other promotional material
  • Endorsement to award SDN co-branded certificates of participation to the participants of your training courses
  • Discounted SDN memberships to give participants of your training sessions
  • Partnering with the SDN Academy, with authorisation to conduct SDN co-branded, certifiable training sessions

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How does the accreditation process work?

To become an Accredited Service Design Trainer, you will first need to register online via your SDN dashboard and start the self-assessment process. The self-assessment is a tool which helps the SDN Accreditation Committee to get to know you better by asking for insights into your educational background, sector experience, projects of note, etc. Upon completion, the self-assessment is submitted to the committee whereby qualified applicants will be invited for a virtual interview within a four-week time frame. After a successful interview, you will receive (within two weeks) your official SDN Accredited Service Design Trainer certificate.

➝ Read more about the accreditation process on our FAQ page.




What does it cost to become accredited?

Your accreditation lasts two years and costs €1,620 (including VAT) for existing SDN members or €1,800 (including VAT) for non-members. The price includes a two-year professional SDN membership (worth €360). A non-refundable down payment of €180 will be charged when submitting your self-assessment. The remaining accreditation fee will be charged only after and if you are successfully accredited by the SDN. 

If your company is seeking to secure accreditation for several individuals at one time (3 or more), please feel free to contact us to discuss an applicable discount.

Who can become an accredited trainer?

The SDN welcomes all individuals or groups of individuals within companies and organisations who are conducting training and educational/enabling activities within the domain of Service Design to become Accredited Trainers. There are two types of Accredited trainers:
• Service design trainers
• Service design Master trainer / Coach.

Become an SDN Accredited Service Design Trainer

The first step to get your accreditation is to complete the self-assessment. The questions are based on our research and aligned with what clients want to know about potential providers of service design training. After successfully completing this first step, you’ll receive an invitation for a virtual interview with our Accreditation Committee. A successful interview leads to certification as an SDN Accredited Trainer.

Get accredited

Find your SDN Accredited Trainer

The Service Design Network helps you find the right trainer for your needs! Our Accredited Service Design Trainers have been approved by the SDN Accreditation Committee, based on a self-assessment and an in-depth interview to validate their skills. As an unbiased, global organisation representing the entire discipline of service design, the SDN will make your life easier when it comes to finding and selecting trainers to fit your specific needs.

SDN Accredited Trainers

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Accredited Master Trainer
Richard Ekelman

Richard Ekelman

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Accredited Master Trainer
Stefan Moritz

Stefan Moritz

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Practitioner Accreditation programme

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