Frequently asked questions

Membership & Payment

What does community membership mean?

This is our entry-level membership that grants you access to selected areas of our website and gives you the possibility to comment on content.

Do you offer a free trial period?

Our community membership is a good start to get a feeling of our website and community. If you like it, we are happy when you upgrade.

I signed up for membership but didn’t receive any information.

Please check your spam folder as our e-mails sometimes get marked as spam. In the event you cannot find any e-mails by SDN, please contact us.

How long is my membership still valid?

You can see the duration and expiration date of your paid membership in your member dashboard. A few weeks before your membership expires we will remind you to prolong. Don’t worry if you missed the expiration. Renewal is still possible.

Just log in with your details and go to your member dashboard. (Please note that community membership does not expire. If you want us to delete your account completely, contact us.)

How can I renew my membership?

You can renew your membership max. four weeks before expiration. Don’t worry about forgetting the date; we will remind you via e-mail that it’s time to renew. Renewal can be done in your member dashboard.

What is “automatic renewal”?

If you’re a fan of SDN, you may not want to prolong your membership each year manually. With automatic renewal, you don’t have to! If this option is checked in your account settings, we will automatically withdraw the yearly fee from your credit card. You will of course receive a new invoice and be informed via e-mail. You can turn on/off automatic renewal at any time.

What qualifies me for a student discount?

To enjoy our membership at a reduced rate you need to be an active student. We ask for a record of your enrolment after the registration process. Please be fair when you’re working and studying part-time and choose the professional plan, which also gives you full professional exposure and many more benefits.

How can I cancel my paid membership?

If you chose automatic renewal, you can cancel your membership by unchecking the box and not prolonging manually. Please note that you can only cancel your membership before its renewal.

If you didn’t choose automatic renewal, your membership will be cancelled automatically at its expiration date. We will still keep your (inactive) account after expiration in case you want to return one day.

If you want us to delete your account completely (without the possibility to restore data later on), please contact us.

Will I get a refund for the remaining time when I cancel earlier?

Please note that we are offering one-year memberships. We will not refund the remaining time if you decide to cancel earlier.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We are working with super-secure payment provider Stripe. You don’t need to create an account, you can simply use your company credit card (or your private card) while registering.

Are my credit card details safe with you?

Our partner Stripe, a super-secure payment provider, handles the payment process. SDN does neither save nor know your credit card details.

Do you offer an alternative to credit card payment?

Credit card payment should be possible for most individuals and companies. With our payment provider Stripe, you don’t need an account and can use all major credit cards. You will of course receive a proper invoice. If this payment method causes problems for you, let us know.

Can I have an invoice? / Where can I find a receipt of my payment?

You will receive an invoice right upon successful payment. Do you need a specific subject, contact person or department mentioned in your invoice? Contact us!

Jobs & Job ads

(How) Can I advertise a job on your website?

We’re happy to help you promote service design-related job opportunities. Use our “promotion package” to post your job ad on our website and get it announced through our e-mail newsletter and social media channels. Please contact us.

How can I reply to a job ad on your website?

On most job ads you can click the apply button, which will either guide you to the employer’s online application process or open your e-mail application.

Can I work with you?

Jobs opportunities at the SDN global team will be published in the job section. You can always apply unsolicitedly, but please understand that it might take a while until an opportunity arises.