Headline 服務設計的當務之急(The Service Design Imperative)

服務設計的當務之急(The Service Design Imperative)


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Headline Service Design Meetup 服務設計小聚 #3

Service Design Meetup 服務設計小聚 #3

服務設計小聚這次有60位夥伴聚在一起,從Designit Tokyo 的台灣設計師 Sandra Lin 分享他在日本做服務設計的經驗。同時參與香港服務設計研討會的 I-Chun Chao,還有參與在西班牙舉行之2017國際服務設計網絡年會的Min-Chen Lin,會與我們分享他們在國際研討會所看到的服務設計脈動!今年入圍 Service Design Student Award的Szu-Ying Chen也跟我們分享了他的專案 Factory NextGen!

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Headline [個案分享]視障者友善就醫方案


Hualien Mennonite Hospital, established in 1954, is an important health care resource in eastern Taiwan. Due to the regional development gap, most young people migrate out of Hualien. Thus patients today of Hualien Mennonite hospital are the elder, the physically challenged, and mothers with children, all of them are suffered from limited mobility. Therefore, Mennonite Hospital had collaborated with 5% Design Action and BenQ, together we designed a number of prototypes to improve the patient's overall experience.

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Headline New SDN Chapter In Taiwan

New SDN Chapter In Taiwan

Taiwan has been actively involved in the international design circle in recent years, including the 2011 IDA Congress, World Design Expo and 2016 World Design Capital in Taipei. The growing trend has been also transforming the ‘Made-in-Taiwan’ (MIT) economy into a ‘Design-in-Taiwan’ (DIT) one.

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Chapter events 2017 [預見銀齡,設計未來] Design a New Aging Society

2017 [預見銀齡,設計未來] Design a New Aging Society

5% Design Action adhere to the design essence and to co-create new value. Through cross-domain collaboration, 5% Design Action led thousands of professionals and designers these five years, devoted to social innovation projects of aging. Moreover, 5% Design Action is now organizing "Asian City Tour Design Forum" actively, looking forward to working with various cities to exchange past experience, and jointly promote to give birth to better design.

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Chapter events Service Design In Netherlands -  Dutch Service Design Sharing Event

Service Design In Netherlands - Dutch Service Design Sharing Event

5% Design Action and SDN Taiwan cooperate to invite Prof. Lu from Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology, and Mr. Gavin, design director, from Philips to give Taiwanese young designers a speech about service design and to interact with them. The topic in this sharing event will focus on their practical experience in Netherlands and about using service design as a methodology when applying on projects. This event will be held on 2016/7/24 evening in a comfortable café along with food and drinks for participants to enjoy a great night and discuss about service design in Taiwan and Netherlands.

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SDN Taiwan
SDN Taiwan is committed to serve service design community in Taiwan by connecting practitioners, sharing knowledge, and co-creating value. Currently, SDN Taiwan is promoting service design on talent development, organization implementation, and social impact. We also like to co-work with service design practitioners around Asia to develop Asia's service design practice.
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