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Local chapter Arabian GCC (UAE, KSA)

Arabian GCC (UAE, KSA)

Our mission is to strengthen the awareness, adoption, and practice of service design as an approach to the next wave of GCC transformation by building a culturally-aware community of practice and body of knowledge.

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Local chapter Atlanta


SDN ATL is a passionate band of designers dedicated to advancing the theory and practice of service design. We are the epicenter for service design community within the Southeast and a partner to peer organizations throughout North America. We have three key constituents that we serve: practitioners, employers, and academics.

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Local chapter Austria


Das Service Design Network Austria ist das österreichische Chapter des Service Design Network International.

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Local chapter Beijing


SDN Beijing, the chapter of the Service Design Network international, is a regional network of organizations and businesses in China. SDNBeijing aims to the promotion of academic and practical activities on service innovation, design strategy, service-oriented product design, service design methodology and service business innovation. Facilitate service design practitioners in China.

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Local chapter Belgium


We want to build a community that brings together design practitioners, academics and students to advance the discipline and to create a better understanding and a greater awareness of the value of service design in the market.

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Local chapter Berlin


The SDN Berlin Chapter aims to bring new insights to the German service design community. More importantly, those who are interested in service design can come together to raise public awareness of how service design has the capacity to impact academia, the public sector and private businesses.

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Local chapter Boston


SDN Bostons' goal is to bring together an active and diverse community of business leaders, public sector, academic, and design practitioners to discover, discuss, and disseminate the value, practice, and effectiveness of service design. Other verbs to describe our intent might be promote, socialize, connect, lead, and mentor. Along the way, we expect to have some fun and grow the ranks of the Service Design Network. Come join us!

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Local chapter Brazil


SDN Brazil – Service Design Network: Fundada e organizada por profissionais, pessoas apaixonadas e entusiastas do Design de Serviço.

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Local chapter Bulgaria


Promote service design and make organisations see the real value of service design, namely designing better services by putting the customers first. Grow a network of practitioners and enthusiasts.

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Local chapter Canada


Canadian chapter of the SDN will assist in forging relationships across disciplines and industries. An important part of this work is in nurturing and mentoring up-and-coming designers. We also hope to broaden the reach of the organization in order to bring non-designers into the service design conversation.

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Local chapter Chicago


Share and grow Service Design through in-person and virtual events in Chicago, the midwest, and beyond. Grow a network of executives, leaders and practitioners focused on Service Design that can sustain the need for talent in our city. Promote community and connectedness through formal and informal gatherings such as panel discussions and workshops through the year. Identify and connect organizations and top tier research institutions to SD leadership where SD can make a difference.

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Local chapter Chile


El chapter inició sus actividades en Mayo del 2014 fundado por un grupo multidisciplinario de personas que han estado involucradas con la disciplina del Diseño de Servicios y la comunidad de Diseño en Chile. El objetivo es promover la disciplina del Diseño de Servicios y conectar a toda la comunidad en todo el país. The SDN Chile Chapter became official in May 2014, founded by a multidisciplinary core team with strong ties to the local design community. The intent is to take an inclusive, interdisciplinary approach to broaden the service design community through events and virtual discussions.

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Local chapter Colombia


From the second half of the 20th century the service sector has shown growth in Colombia’s GDP. The services are showing multiplying effects that help improve the systematic economy. Though there’s a trend on service design, much more work is needed to do in order to create and design services taking into account the internal and external customer needs and desires. We aim to create a community that reinforces service design by aligning companies in the private and public sector, universities and service design agencies. With Service Design Network Colombia Chapter we have now an opportunity to innovate on tools, methods and approach to services according to Colombia’s condition, context and relevance.

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Local chapter Dallas


SDN Dallas focuses on supporting local designers and organizations to create and improve customer experiences across various local industries. The topics regularly covered involve research, user-centric strategies, and collaboration to design seamless, efficient, and satisfying services. SDN Dallas teaches the use of innovative techniques to enhance user interactions, drive business growth, and address unique local market demands.

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Local chapter Denmark


Service Design started gaining foothold in Denmark in both the private and public sectors around 2011 and the attention to the field is growing more for each day that passes. During the recent years professionals have taken charge and spread the word of Service Design to help to anchor it fully in Denmark. We connect the field in Denmark and create collaborations that supports promoting the value of service design and heightening the competencies in the field.

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Local chapter Finland


SDN Finland is committed to raising awareness of Service Design in Finland. We aim to foster the service design community representing different industries and disciplines by knowledge sharing and connecting the people.

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Local chapter France


Le chapitre français du SDN œuvre à la promotion du Service Design auprès des professionnels et à son intégration au sein des organisations via des formations, des événements, de tables rondes etc.

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Local chapter Guadalajara


El diseño de servicios está cruzando fronteras y conquistando nuevas áreas. México no es la excepción. Poco a poco, esta especialidad se va integrando en organizaciones de todos los tamaños.

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Local chapter Hungary


There has been a small Hungarian community formulating, organising events in order to foster the understanding of service design. SDN Hungary Chapter's aim to strengthen the professional and business character of this community to make it more sustainable and sustainably transformative. The Hungary Chapter is open to everyone who would like to support any kind of services for the local SD community, use these services for their own progression or just meet new faces with interests in service design.

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Local chapter India


"SDN India aims to build a community of creatives with diverse specializations in order to discover, discourse & deliberate over service design with a strong focus on learning, collaboration & research through the creation of a dedicated network of service designers and enthusiasts"

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Local chapter Indianapolis


Service Design Network Indianapolis chapter aims to create a cohesive community of service design professionals and students that are collectively committed to advancing the practice.

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Local chapter Japan


SDN Japan Chapter was established in 2013. Service design practitioners, students, researchers, managers, and all others interested in the latest trends in service design are welcome to join!

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Local chapter Minneapolis-St. Paul

Minneapolis-St. Paul

Service Design in Minneapolis-St. Paul is very active among large corporations, smaller design agencies, and embedded within health care systems and the public sector.

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Local chapter Monterrey


Welcome to SDN Monterrey! We are happy to see you around, let us give you a small virtual tour to our chapter! The city of Monterrey is known in México for their focus on product and services development; here is where we jump in... our vision is to develop and impulse Service Design discipline and the people interested in it. Creating awareness of the impact and benefits Service Design could bring to the community and organizations.

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Local chapter New York

New York

The New York City Service Design Network chapter aims to strengthen and grow the Service Design community within the New York area.

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Local chapter New Zealand

New Zealand

The New Zealand Service Design Chapter provides a platform to bring practitioners, academics, students, and organizations together to develop, promote and strengthen the knowledge and practice of Service Design in New Zealand.

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Local chapter Norway


Service Design Network Norway aims to be a community to share and discuss ideas, experience and challenges within service design.

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Local chapter Philadelphia


The Philadelphia Service Design Network chapter aims to strengthen and grow the Service Design community within the Philly area.

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Local chapter Poland


The vision of the SDN Poland evolved in the creative process of service design workshop, which gathered the chapter’s founding members. As a result of the workshop, we came with a motto for the first year of activity: “The New Reality”, which suggests user anticipation of progression of economic value (in use): from commodities, through goods to services and experiences.

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Local chapter Portugal


Service Design has been a growth in awareness for both private and public sector in Portugal for the past decade. The current scenario has been influenced by niches of practitioners with international experience and academics. The growing adoption of these methodologies are addressing slowly but steady innovative outcomes and digital transformation within organizations.

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Local chapter Republic of Korea

Republic of Korea

As a national chapter, SDN Republic of Korea ( South Korea) aims to serves as a window of communication between the South Korean and global service design communities.

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Local chapter San Francisco

San Francisco

We hope to engage the local design community and growing interest in service design and to make San Francisco the United States' west coast hub for service design practitioners.

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Local chapter Shanghai


we intend to work with a cross-disciplinary team to co-create a service design ecosystem, with the goal of creating a value-chain that enable social innovations to create business value and social value. We intend to collaborate closely with SDN branches in Beijing, Taiwan, and other locations to help elevate awareness of Service Design in Eastern China while building a Shanghai team with both local and global vision.

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Local chapter South Africa

South Africa

The SDN SA chapter is a dynamic group of people that highly value education. With South Africa being a developing country, this is something that we as a society are trying hard to address. Likewise, as a Chapter, we are on a mission to educate our private and public sectors about the importance of designing better services for a society that desperately needs it.

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Local chapter Taiwan


SDN Taiwan is committed to serve service design community in Taiwan by connecting practitioners, sharing knowledge, and co-creating value. Currently, SDN Taiwan is promoting service design on talent development, organization implementation, and social impact. We also like to co-work with service design practitioners around Asia to develop Asia's service design practice.

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Local chapter Turkey


SDN Turkey is committed to raise awareness of Service Design in Turkey. To do this, SDN Turkey aims to foster a community of people from different pillars of the discipline's reach. SDN Turkey focuses value creation in three important areas: Advocacy, Education, and Connection.

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Local chapter Ukraine


Service Design in our country is at an initial level at the moment. This means that only small part of the population has a real understanding of holistic design importance (not just a visual one). By engaging in the Chapter's activities, we plan to involve people in service design and maintain appropriate development service design approach. Our plan is to create and build an expert base of designers, who we would like to involve in our Chapter through events. Popularization among the businesses will be carried out by running real projects and achieve practical results.

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Local chapter Washington DC

Washington DC

We believe that Service Design fuels innovation inspired by people and helps create better customer and citizen experiences. We aim to become a growing community of Service Design professionals dedicated to furthering the practice of Service Design in the Washington DC metro area - providing opportunities for professional, sharing intellectual capital and thought leadership.

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