Service Design Day

What is Service Design Day?

Service Design Day was launched in 2016 and is a day dedicated to service design enthusiasts - a world-wide event to bring together people from different backgrounds and disciplines. Together, we will celebrate service design, raise awareness and create impact in the world around us.

Naturally, Service Design Day should reflect the discipline’s spirit and energy which is why we chose June 1, the beginning of the most youthful month!*

Join the buzz and do good - give back! 

*June originates from the Latin word, young

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Service Design Day: Do good - give back! 

We would like to invite all organisations, service designers professionals, students and enthusiasts to join us in celebration of Service Design Day.

This year is all about giving back to the community - block your calendars on June 1 and use your service design skills for a greater good! Share your contribution via social media using #SDDay20 and #ServiceDesignDay.

On SDD we want to work together and show the power of service design - let’s demonstrate the true potential of our network.

We are excited to see how our service design community will join the SDD celebration in their own unique way with service design talks, events and activities.

Do good - give back!


Service Design Day Approach

To stay true in our mission, this year we would like to encourage you to host events and join online activities to contribute to your local communities. Let's help those in need and act for the common good. 


How can I participate?

  • Organise a  two-day Jam session to support some of the local challenges - form a team, find a local non-profit or charity, work together intensely on solutions
  • Host an event, workshop or training for your local community on the topic of service design
  • Hold a discussion/lightning talk on how service design can help society and contribute to the common good
  • Have an “open door” event or a service design exhibition and invite students,  NGOs, charities or community service organisations to your office
  • Empower service providers to utilise service design, talk about service design tools and methods and discuss the implementation of service design for a greater good
Offer your service design skills!

Join us in the Service Design Day celebration! Share your initiatives using hashtags #SDDay20 and #ServiceDesignDay and tag us in your posts!

Do good - give back! 

  • Share your initiatives: How do you celebrate Service Design Day - share your activities and examples of how can service design serve the community and create a positive impact
  • Spread the love: Snap a photo of your team with the Service Design Day heart gesture
  • Share the love and celebrate your great colleagues: show empathy, multicultural insight, and collaboration
  • Celebrate Success Stories: Tag companies or people who have inspired you, promote infographics and pictures from previous successful projects - let the world know that service design can make a difference
Join our online activities!

Sponsoring opportunities:

Partner with us on Service Design Day and help us make the world a better place.

We are open to discussing further ideas and your involvement, as well as other types of sponsorship/partnership opportunities.

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Service Design Day 2019
Service Design Day 2019

Service Design 2019 Impressions:

  • 35 independent events and online activities organised in more than 20 countries with 500+ attendees worldwide
  • Our channels reached more than 161.237 accounts, we had over 314.876 impressions and over 5.786 social media interactions
  • Our community shared over 550 posts, with a potential of 981,791 impressions
Service Design Day 2019
Service Design Day 2019
Service Design Day 2019
Service Design Day 2019