Our mission

The mission of the global Service Design Network is to continuously push the boundaries of the practice of service design by expanding awareness of its value and application of its mindset across multiple domains. Service design is uniquely equipped to positively impact the challenges of today and tomorrow. Through community-building, events and knowledge-sharing, the Service Design Network supports and grows the global community, enabling it to positively impact our society as well as our planet.


Our Objectives and Strategies

Objective 1

Accelerate Academic & Practical Development and Drive Positive Impact by Sharing Global Service Design Resources


  • Valuable Knowledge: We inspire and support our community by cultivating the environment for creating and sharing content that deepens and expands the understanding and the application of service design.
  • Expand the boundaries: We push the boundaries of this knowledge beyond existing service design communities.
  • Celebrate Success: We celebrate and share outstanding achievements

Objective 2

Push the Boundaries of the Application of Service Design for Business, Government, and Society at Large



  • Multi-disciplinary Expansion: We see service design knowledge and service design principles as a core foundation that need to be applied more broadly and effectively across various sectors, leading to innovative solutions and practices. We will bring service design to platforms beyond the familiar community.
  • Expansion and Evolution: We connect people taking in dynamic and forward-thinking approaches and build new partnerships, actively influencing business, government, and society positively to embrace the evolving field of service design.

Objective 3

Empowering the Community and Strengthening the Backbone Strategies

  • Deepening Community Connections: We empower our chapters worldwide to nurture service design within their cultural ecosystems, positioning them as the brain, heart, and hands of SDN.
  • Lifelong Engagement: We foster lifelong engagement within our community, supporting continuous learning and collaboration. We support our dedicated and evolving community, continuously contributing to and benefiting from the evolving field of service design.
  • Decentralized Global Community Network: We establish a 'Glocalized' network to promote empowerment, innovation, ownership, and a unified service design narrative.

Our Values

  • DEI: We actively promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) with service design and foster a more diverse, creative, and inclusive service design community.
  • Service Design on Planetary Level: We champion service design at a planetary level, advocating for sustainable and life-centered design practices.