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Service Design Day

Service Design Day in Budapest, Hungary is an annual event where 400+ people gather together to dicuss hot topic related to service design, and listen to speeches related to actual challenges and case studies. SDN Hungary Chapter board is having a keynote speech at the conference, where local SD related challenges and international trends are introduced.

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Chapter events Service Design Flash

Service Design Flash

Service Design Flash sessions are local networking events of the SDN Hungarian Chapter. Every event has a different topic.

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SDN Hungary

SDN Hungary
There has been a small Hungarian community formulating, organising events in order to foster the understanding of service design. SDN Hungary Chapter's aim to strengthen the professional and business character of this community to make it more sustainable and sustainably transformative. The Hungary Chapter is open to everyone who would like to support any kind of services for the local SD community, use these services for their own progression or just meet new faces with interests in service design.
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