Headline SDN Finland / Suomen maajaos

SDN Finland / Suomen maajaos

Lue lisää toimintamme tavoitteista. Kaikki palvelumuotoilusta kiinnostuneet ovat tervetulleita mukaan kehittämään jaoksemme toimintaa! Read more and get involved. Everybody welcome!

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Headline Tule mukaan tapahtumiimme!

Tule mukaan tapahtumiimme!

Learn about the events we are hosting regularly. The new additions to our events are the Book Club and the method workshops.

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Headline Palvelumuotoilija Mikko Koivisto voitti Ornamo-palkinnon

Palvelumuotoilija Mikko Koivisto voitti Ornamo-palkinnon

Tunnustus suomalaiselle palvelumuotoilulle / Kuva: Anni Koponen ja Ornamo

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Headline Mikko Koivisto, pioneer of service design, chosen to receive the Ornamo Award

Mikko Koivisto, pioneer of service design, chosen to receive the Ornamo Award

Service designer Mikko Koivisto has won the Ornamo Award of 2017. Koivisto, the Lead Service Designer and Customer Experience Director of the Hellon service design agency, is one of Finland’s first academically trained professionals in service design. He has been involved in developing this field both in Finland and abroad.

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Chapter events Book Club #2

Book Club #2

The SDN Finland Book Club will meet again. The chosen book for our second reading circle is “Hooked: How to build habit-forming products” by Nir Eyal.

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Chapter events Muotoile pois

Muotoile pois

Muotoile pois -tapahtumassa eri alojen ja organisaatioiden edustajat luovat yhdessä parempia palveluita yrittäjille.

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SDN Finland is committed to raise awareness of Service Design in Finland. We aim to foster an SD community representing different industries and disciplines by knowledge sharing and connecting the people.
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