Chapter events Service Design Tools: Unlimited

Service Design Tools: Unlimited

We are excited to introduce you to SDN Finland's new event series, called "Service Design Tools"! The goal is to add more hands on meet-ups for you where you can learn about service design and create you own tool box. First up in the series is Unlimited by World of Insights - A game-based learning experience for introducing design thinking in corporations Experience the brand new Unlimited design thinking game for leaders and managers. This participatory team game is like a workshop in a box - anyone can use it to create an experiential training for staff or clients. Players will experience human centric design principles in action, while solving challenging problems in a creative setting. No previous experience of design thinking is required. The event is especially recommended for: - Corporate change agents and innovators - Educators, trainers and consultants looking for innovative training content - Anyone interested in design thinking and/or game-based learning More info about World of Insights here:

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Chapter events Design Culture at Telia

Design Culture at Telia

Join us to learn about Telia's design culture

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Chapter events Book Club - Palvelumuotoilun bisneskirja

Book Club - Palvelumuotoilun bisneskirja

Autumn's first book club is here!

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Chapter events Joint Futures

Joint Futures

Grab your special SDN discount code by June 10th and join other design enthusiasts in Joint Futures!

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Latest Global Events

Other Events Kanban System Design - Kanban Management Professional I

Kanban System Design - Kanban Management Professional I

Erlernen Sie jetzt die Methode & das Konzept des Flow, Pull und der kollaborativen Verbesserung. ✔ Grundlagen von Kanban + Aufbau eines Kanban-System = Wertschöpfung methodisch verbessern ✔

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Other Events 2-Day Design Thinking Facilitation Course – December 2019

2-Day Design Thinking Facilitation Course – December 2019

Workshop & agenda design for different types of workshops Problem statements & reframing Facilitation theory, tips and hands-on experience with a real case study Core Design Thinking workshop flow as a starting point for future workshop design

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