Headline Mentoring the next wave of service designers

Mentoring the next wave of service designers

In May 2021, Service Design Network Singapore Chapter (SDNSG) launched the first wave of our inaugural mentorship programme with 12 esteemed service design experts and aspiring service designers.

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Headline Relevance of Service Design in a post pandemic world

Relevance of Service Design in a post pandemic world

We are delighted by Murali from Virtual Digital in his sharing of the importance of Service Design thinking approach to drive innovation in the post-pandemic world. He emphasis on 4 main key trends through accelerating digital adoption, reimagining customer experiences, rethinking business model, and the shift in the remote working environment. Using deep journey mapping techniques to discover opportunities and interventions to enhance customer and employee experience. Graduates from the Nanyang Polytechnic Specialist Diploma in Service Experience Design and Innovation also shared their capstone project learning experience which they designed an inclusive service solution for cancer-stricken patients by creating awareness and support by the community.

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Headline Design Hackathon & Conscious Experience Design Training

Design Hackathon & Conscious Experience Design Training

“We've just concluded a wonderful evening of Impact Driven Design workshop hosted by James Breeze and facilitated by Robert Williams from Objective Experience in the latest edition of our SDN SG Chapter event. It was a fantastic evening with highly energized participants learning about Service Design Thinking process from strategic to tactical systemic design in implementing service design within organizations. We would like to express our appreciation to the amazing participants from different parts of the world!”

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Headline Service Design in Healthcare

Service Design in Healthcare

Sharing innovative care model designs that guide our patients through from living well to leaving well.

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