Our vision:

SDN Singapore chapter endeavors to be the leading “Go-To” Community of Practice in Service Design in South East Asia. We aim to promote, connect and raise the standard of Service Design with a focus on cultural diversity & inclusiveness. SG Chapter also hopes to raise awareness and permeate Service Design into organizations and institutions to make a difference.


Our Strategy:

We hope the establishment of the SDN Singapore Chapter can be a platform for Service Designers, User Experience Designers, Customer Experience Designers, and various designers in Singapore and in our region to come together and share their best practices to promote the use of Service Design. We aim to grow the number of SDN members through the hosting of various events, training, talks, and exhibitions by design professionals. This platform will also serve as a “Go-To” community for organizations and individuals to network and interact.

Raymond Tan
Raymond Tan - Service Designer & Design Facilitator

A dynamic and passionate service experience designer with a proven record of advocating service design in Singapore. I have introduced service design across organisations, leading in new business initiatives and managing projects from concepts to implementations. I am a dependable and creative team player with exceptional communication skills and customer experience management. I am skilled at applying service design methodologies to identify new opportunities that further organisation's goals and driving results.

Cleavan Wanlee Whitnell
Cleavan Wanlee Whitnell - UX Project Manager and Facilitator

As a facilitator and project manager, I work with users and clients to craft a holistic approach to their wants and needs. I am always looking to use new technologies - from IoT solutions to eye-tracking in VR - to uncover insights and design a better experience. Having spearheaded our first integrated hardware prototype from concept to liaising with vendors for 3D modelling and fabrication, I enjoy fostering innovation, not just in our company, but also in the community.

Gary Lim
Gary Lim - Senior Strategic Designer

I'm a Strategic Designer with BCG, specialize in Human-Centred Design, Service Design & Strategy, and Customer Journey Transformation. A fashion and industrial designer by training, my experience in IT Consulting have armed me the practical knowledge in digital experience innovation and Agile Ways of Working.

Chua Jia Xiang
Chua Jia Xiang - Service Designer

I graduated from The Royal College of Art, London, in 2017 having majored in Service Design. As a Service Designer in the Healthcare sector, I drive service, process, innovation, and organisation transformation that improves and makes an impact on people’s lives. Together with our stakeholders, we co-designed a human-centered and holistic care for our people. I am also an adjunct lecturer teaching Specialist Diploma in Service Experience Design & Innovation at Nanyang Polytechnic.