Chapter vision: We envision a living community spreading the methodology and mindset not just in the business sector, but also in the public and social sectors as well. So that the essence flows into everyday life. SDN Hungary Chapter will be a happy, dynamic and hardworking chapter offering practical opportunities for members and potential members. We will organize regional design thinking education programme for all potential stakeholders of service design. We will also organize special events to solve business challenges as an illustration of how SD works.

Laszlo Agoston
Laszlo Agoston - Digital&Business Transformation Director, Business Design Consultant

I’ve been a service design consultant for years - and retrospectively I can see I have been always searching for this role. When I studied change management and sociology, when I acted as a research expert, when I wanted to catalyse social innovation and spread the LEAN approach in the entrepreneur and civil sectors. I participated in the creation of the first Hungarian service design agency team inside Dentsu-Aegis network and I’m part of the building of a much more sustainable and ambitious one in the WPP/Y&R network. I take responsibility in introducing and advancing service design in Hungary. I strongly believe that service design is the answer for many business challenges and I hope our team together with SDN partners will become a regional number one in not only solving challenges but forming the mindset as well.

Zsofia Ret
Zsofia Ret - Service Design Lead @Kreater

I have spent two decades as market researcher and facilitator (Tárki - Social Research Institute, Ithaka, ResearchLab). Meanwhile I became a LEAN consultant and innovation coach at Kreater Social Innovation Agency and at Innovative Generation (!GEN), which is a National Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator. My massive qualitative expertise supports the consulting, product and service design projects. Originally as a researcher our supersonic outputs weren’t much listened to. Today by tweaking research and putting exploring, such as Service Safari and client Shadowing, then persona development and journey at the forefront of our work - we are now heard and can get our job done.

Alexandra Reich
Alexandra Reich - CEO of Telenor Hungary

I have been working with Service Design for the last 7 years at Swisscom and I am a big evangelist in Telenor. We want to make Hungary a Service Design Hub.

Kamill Koszo
Kamill Koszo - Business Design Consultant @DDB Budapest

I've been helping companies design and redesign their services for 4 years now. I started working with startups and then ended up with multinational companies like Telenor Hungary or MOL Group, solving complex problems behind service experiences. I'm passionate about getting to know new businesses, understanding their services and problems through different perspectives, like customers, employees and business. We have a very different definition of "service" here in Hungary & it’s my personal goal to absolutely change the customer experience in this country. In fact, this mission to promote the customer focused, service-oriented mindset goes hand in hand with re-thinking the entire system from the outside in. As the youngest Service Designer here in Hungary, I feel a huge sense of responsibility and incredibly energized, about spreading the message of SD.

SDN Hungary