Our aim is to create a platform for networking and exchanging ideas among professionals who are interested in delivering and implementing customer-centric solutions. We feel that there is a growing potential towards service design in Hungary, therefore we would like to bring those topics to the table that supports the understanding of the customer-centric mindset. On one hand, would like to organise smaller and more casual events to help people to get to know each other in the first place. At these events, we will raise actual topics and facilitate the discussion in smaller teams. According to our opinion this way it is easier to grow a community. On the other hand, we would like to launch a non-profit project with the involvement of professionals, students, academics. 

Judit Demeter
Judit Demeter - Design Lab Manager, Vodafone

I work as a Design Lab Manager at Vodafone, Hungary.

Judit Kertész
Judit Kertész - Co-founder, strategy consultant @ Frontìra

I've been working with customer-centric mindset for many years, and I believe that aligning business goals with customer needs can result in innovative services. In 2017 I co-founded Frontíra, one of the first independent strategy design consultancies in Hungary with a strong focus on customer-centric service innovation. I hope that with SDN Chapter we can bring together people and foster a dialogue about service design and design thinking related issues.

Lili Eckhardt
Lili Eckhardt - Service designer @ Exalt

I am a service designer at Exalt

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