Welcome to the Service Design Network Academy

About the SDN Academy 

The SDN Academy is an educational initiative introduced by the Service Design Network (SDN) and executed in tandem with a global community of SDN-Accredited Trainers and Master Trainers. Offering a series of continuing education courses for seasoned practitioners and service design newbies alike, our academy is committed to advancing practitioner knowledge by sharing insights on the latest tools, methods and techniques shaping the future of our industry.


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SDN Academy Courses 

The Service Design Practitioner Curriculum is designed for those who want to build a solid foundation of service design practice and gather theoretical foundations, methodological skills, and practical experience.

"This course opened up my eyes to service design thinking and the different ways to apply it. Service design thinking is not just for service designers! I'm excited to take away what I have learnt and apply it to my role to take the way I work to the next level!"  Course Participant. 

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In the Strategic Design in Organisations course you will learn how service design empower organisations to deliver meaningful strategic value with SDN-accredited Master Carol Massá. 

“Participating in this course was a unique experience. I joined this course to get an understanding on how I can present to my Senior management what Service design approach is and articulate what it can bring to our organisation. Carol was able to exactly provide this framework in this course and I am already using it to communicate with my Senior management team and they want me to now go ahead and present them with a plan of action.” Course Participant. 

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Nowadays, leading (service design) teams is a very responsible and demanding task in both traditional and agile organisations. This 4-module learning journey is designed to support current or prospective leaders in managing their broad range of daily tasks. Join the Service Design Leadership Lab with SDN-accredited Master Dr Tina Weisser. 

  • Develop your own leadership role and attitude by applying a set of methods, tools, and mental maps.
  • Reflect on your own behaviour through self-assessments and reflecting on real situations.
  • And much more!

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Other courses in our programme: 

  • Journey Management 
  • Prototyping 
  • AI 
  • Socially Sustainable Services 
  • Service Design Management 
  • System Thinking and many more! 

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Delivering Trainings Through Our Network of Accredited Trainers

The SDN Academy relies on a unique resource — our global community of SDN-accredited Trainers and Master Trainers — to help us deliver this invaluable knowledge. Our trainers have undergone our comprehensive accreditation process which in and of itself was created in response to a need to identify high-quality trainers. These proceedings include a rigorous and transparent self-assessment process and an interview with our Accreditation Commission resulting in a team of highly-qualified trainers.

It should be noted that all accredited trainers who work with the SDN Academy benefit from our support. These experts have the option of either utilising the SDN standardised course materials or delivering their own customised courses under the SDN Academy umbrella. This gives our trainers a compelling platform to showcase their tailor-made programming while maximising the learning outcomes for all participants.

To learn more about the SDN Accredited Trainer program, visit our Accreditation page.