Service Design Glossary

We at the SDN are thrilled to share with you our brand new SDN Glossary!
This glossary can be a helpful resource for service designers because there are numerous terms used in the service design industry.
Many terms have variations, and new terms are added daily, so it's important to stay current. Explore our SDN Glossary and learn new terms, what they mean, why they matter in the service design field, and how you can apply them to your service design work. 


Stay Tuned!

Service Design choreographs processes, technologies and interactions within complex systems in order to co-create value for relevant stakeholders. (Birgit Mager, 2012)

Service design is the practice of designing services. It uses a holistic and highly collaborative approach to generate value for both the service user and the service provider throughout the service’s lifecycle.

In practice, service design helps to choreograph the processes, technologies and interactions driving the delivery of services, using a human-centred perspective. Service design today is applicable across multiple sectors, helping to deliver strategic and tactical objectives for both the private and public sector. (SDN, 2019)