About Service Design and the SDN

What is service design?

Service Design choreographs processes, technologies, and interactions within complex systems in order to co-create value for relevant stakeholders. (Birgit Mager, 2012)

Service design is the practice of designing services. It uses a holistic and highly collaborative approach to generate value for both the service user and the service provider throughout the service’s lifecycle.In practice, service design helps to choreograph the processes, technologies and interactions driving the delivery of services, using a human-centered perspective. Service design today is applicable across multiple sectors, helping to deliver strategic and tactical objectives for both the private and public sector. (SDN, 2019)


What is THE Service Design Network?

The Service Design Network (SDN), founded in 2004, is the leading non-profit institution for expertise in service design and a driver of global growth, development and innovation within the practice. Through national and international events, online and print publications and coordination with academic institutions, our member-based network connects multiple roles within agencies, business, and government to strengthen the impact of service design within the public and private sectors. Ours is a global, open-minded network, focused on knowledge-sharing, collaboration and exchange.

Ok, I want to learn more. Where do I start?

We believe one of the best places to learn more about both service design and SDN is to take a deep dive into our Touchpoint journal, the first and only magazine dedicated to the practice of service design. Published three times a year, Touchpoint is chock-full of in-depth articles, interviews, and shorter news items from SDN and our community.

The SDN case study library is another of our network’s most significant resources. Covering insights from both the public and private section, this collection of best practice work is designed to help our community learn from real-world experiences.  

By practitioners for practitioners, our SDN case studies and Touchpoint journal are essential reading for both newcomers and seasoned experts alike.


Can I actually study service design?

Service design is a dynamic field that is growing exponentially. As a result, courses and programs have developed around the world to address the demand for professionals with the kind of expertise required to effectively design a service. Check out the “'Where to Study” section of our website to discover who those organisations are and what they offer!

Where can I meet other service design professionals or academics?

SDGC is the acronym we use for the Service Design Global Conference, the annual, worldwide meet-up organised by SDN which welcomes over 800 professionals, academics and engaged stakeholders to explore the latest news, trends and insights shaping the service design industry. Learn more about our upcoming event or explore our archive to get a taste of past event activities.

Since we also understand the value in your ability to locally connect with like-minded practitioners, we are pleased to offer a network of SDN chapters around the world. Volunteer-driven in nature, these organisations operate under the SDN umbrella, functioning as a bridge between SDN international and regional interests. Learn more by finding a chapter in your area.


Join our community!

Service design is a diverse and dynamic industry and Service Design Network is the doorway into helping you grow and develop as a professional. By offering a variety of paid membership options, as well as a free community follower status, we enable you to find the program that best suits your needs.

Take note that as a full-fledged SDN member, the benefits are undeniable! Share your background, gain access to member-only knowledge and make personal connections with a group of engaged practitioners that can make a difference in your career now and long into the future. 

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