June 1 is Service Design Day! Celebrate yourself!

Don't miss the chance – get your application ready and apply for your SDN Accreditation from 31 May to 5 June to benefit from our Service Design Day special 20% discount offer, meaning a saving of more than 320€ off the accreditation regular price!

Get recognised and promoted by SDN as a highly qualified trainer who is able to train others and companies to gain knowledge and skills about service design, and enjoy all the benefits of being one of our Accredited Trainers and Master Trainers.


How does the accreditation work?

To become an SDN Accredited Service Design Trainer or Master Trainer/Coach, you’ll first need to register and start your self-assessment. After you’ve finished filling out the self-assessment, it’s submitted to the SDN Accreditation Committee. Qualified applicants will be invited for a virtual interview within 4 weeks after submission. After a successful interview, you’ll receive within 2 weeks our official accreditation as an SDN Accredited Trainer or Master Trainer/Coach. Read more about the accreditation process on our FAQ page.


We’re looking forward to receiving your application! Register and get started!

And if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

Promotion details:

The special 20% discount will apply for Trainer and Master Trainer applications received from 31 May to 5 June 2019 (from 00:01 until 23:59 - Central European Summer Time). The application is considered valid once you submit your self-assessment for review and receive a confirmation email that your submission and the payment of the non-refundable application fee (180€) were successful.

The discounted accreditation fee (1,116€ for SDN members and 1,260€ for non-members) will be charged to your credit card only if you are successfully accredited by SDN. Under this promotion, the final cost for the two-year accreditation, including the application fee and accreditation fee, will be €1,296 (including VAT) for current SDN members and €1,440 (including VAT) for non-members.

If your company is seeking to secure accreditation for several people at once (3 or more), feel free to contact us to discuss further applicable discounts.

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