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Ruben Ocampo
Chicago | United States

Ruben is the founder of Conic Group, a Chicago-based innovation consulting firm. He helps leaders imagine and enact visionary change through a purpose-driven dialogue with end customers and workforce.

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I'm originally from Colombia, love camping, scuba diving and play on a monthly bowling league.

I teach a class called "Engaging Stakeholders in Innovation" at the Institute of Design in Chicago. I also am affiliated with LUMA Institute as an adjunct instructor.

Ruben Ocampo

Ruben’s interest in Service Design

Service Design is much more than a design discipline. It is a driver of change in organizations, and I want to help elevate its role in the eyes of corporate leaders and executives who don't have a background in or basic understanding about design.

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Touchpoint Article In a World of Products, Service is King

In a World of Products, Service is King

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