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We live and breathe it – but what is service design exactly? We’ve listed some have to sees and –reads, which easily explain what service design is and what it does.

Read our very first Touchpoint issue
In 2009, back when we started publishing Touchpoint, we dedicated the first issue to explaining what service design is. With expectations from service organisations, service design at McDonald’s and methods and processes of service design. Read the full issue here.
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Watch Yosef Shuman's explanation on YouTube
Yosef easily explains service design, using a clear example and colorful explanations. The 3-minute video explains the basics, and also covers what service designers do, involving other disciplines. 

This is Service Design Thinking
The book This is Service Design Thinking introduces an interdisciplinary approach to designing services, and describes the emerging field of service design. The book is filled with case studies, tools and information about the field. You can preview the book on Issuu and get your full copy here

Professor Birgit Mager on service design
Hear how Birgit Mager, co-founder and president of Service Design Network and professor at KISD, explains service design, its trends and future in the video below.

Melissa Rancourt on service design
In this episode of Why Service Design Thinking, Melissa Rancourt explains service design and why businesses should integrate it. With Melissa's broad experience, she gives examples of businesses that have succesfully implemented service design. 

This is service design
Jared Cole and Jamin Hegeman published This is Service Design back in 2011, providing insight in the basics of service design and its methods. It also touches upon its business benefits and shows some good examples of service design using case studies and prototypes. 

'When you have 2 coffee shops right next to each other, that each sell the exact same coffee at the exact same price; service design is what make you walk into the one and not the other, come back often and tell your friends about it.' – Marc Fonteijn

This is why service design makes the difference
In this video, Fjord explains what service design is and why it makes a difference. They used the 'tale of two coffee shops', an easy way to explain why customers go into one coffee shop and not the other. The short film was based on Marc Fonteijn's 'one line of service design'. 

We'd love to hear from you! What article, video or other piece of content that explains service design do you think stands out? Let us know!

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