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Thatcher Mines
Fiskars | Finland


Thatcher Mines Power Animals United, Kids Media Producer

Professionally I'm a kids media producer and consultant. I work in animation on creative development, financing, strategy, and the internationalization of content & brands, mostly with clients and partners in Finland and Russia. I have a particular fascination and domain experience in YouTube & "digital", as well as in consumer products & licensing. Both of which are areas I believe have tremendous opportunities for change and positive impact. I also guide strategy for my wife's TV format, www.backtonature.tv. I'm 37, a parent to three kids (ages 4, 14, 15). I love bikes, cooking & fermenting, yoga, building things both with my hands and in business. Finland has been home since 2015. We're based in the lovely design village, Fiskars, an hour west of Helsinki. 

Originally I'm from the US, and in the past co-founded and built two businesses in Russia (one in translation, one in media), where I lived for ~10 years. 

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