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Let me be your #SDsanta today! This comes from my personal desk. Only for you. As head of the social media activities of the SDN, I get to spend so much time in the infinite corners of the interwebs and come across so many things. So, I know how hard it can be to always be on top whatever is going on out there. That's why my little christmas service to you is sharing my top 5 reads that I came across last week in the global service design community. Each with a super short wrap-up to save you even more time. Time - isn't that a great gift to give.


01 The base for your date

Medium article by Ko Wongpichet of Denkwerk.
Super strong GIF-game. Playfully addressing the serious issue of bad design workshops and how to overcome it. Rightfully pointing to the benefits of play. And it's the first article in a series exploring roleplaying as a collaboration and engagement method.

My favorite line: "Because as much as we’d like to think we can perform at peak, we need to make time to ensure that our future work and performance are grounded in a strong and contextually aware foundation."


02 How to overcome resistance against people-centered design.

Medium article by our SDN Accredited Trainer Victor M. Gonzalez
Important read on conquering resistance when selling your design approach no matter which discipline. Made it into this list because it looks at the productive and indicative side of resitance, too.

My favorite line: "[Your approach] must create safe spaces that allow those who participate in the creative process to know that their contributions are well received, that there can be no good ideas without first generating bad (very bad) ideas, that it is okay to err and that we can and we need to do it in order to be successful, that our ability to innovate is based less on confirming and more on discovering, that nobody has all the answers and that the opinion of each discipline counts."


03 Service-Dominant logic: Backward and forward

Chapter from The Sage Handbook of Service-Dominant Logic (Stephen L. Vargo).
Long read. Worth it. Scientifc writing covering multiple levels and scopes of service-dominant logic in economic systems and the role public policy plays in there (among many other aspects). Even if you're not into that kind of long read, I urge you to at least have a look at this piece's list of references and sources. Recommended by SDN Member Mauricio Manhaes.

Inspiring question: "[W]hom is at fault when value propositions are cocreated among firms, suppliers and customers, and others; where does fault lie if an actor makes poor decisions [...]; and what role does (should) government play in fostering institutions and institutional arrangements in global service ecosystems that stretch across many geopolitical areas?"

My favorite line: "Much of the success of service-dominant logic to date is that, in line with its central mantra of 'cocreation', it has always been considered open source.

04 Inside a designer's mind

Booklet from Eleonora Carnasa, SDN Accredited Trainer and founder of our SDN Bulgaria chapter.
After that big chunk above this lovingly illustrated collection is a welcome change. Playfully outlining important attributes of a designer. I'm a big fan of viewing the mindset as a tool.

Highlight: Eleonora is citing Master Yoda. That's the quickest way to my heart. :)


05 Designing the curriculum of the future

I'm cheating a little bit here. It's not one article but a series of three from the Service Design Academy. This made it into my list because it had been recommended to me not by one but by two of our SDN Accredited Trainers - Chris Muir and Katie Murrie.
This whole thing screams user-centricity all over. That's why I am a fan. We all know pretty much more or less how we're doing and what we're doing in our usual business settings with cleints and corporations. But what happens when you apply your tools and processes collaboratively with kids? And work on the future of education? Go on over there and read about it. 

Favorite part: The concept of the real life skills classroom. (Find it in the pictures)


Would you want your article, case, resource, training shared, too? Get in touch with me. I'm planning on doing a similar thing again pretty soon.

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