Samuel Simon
Author - Samuel Simon

Who's today's #SDsanta? You might have seen him before.

Today's #SDsanta is a guy you might have come across already somewhere in the digital sphere that's wrapping itself around all things service design. He's writing, publishing, innovating and educating. Here, here's even speaking at the past Global Service Design Conference in Toronto. Yes, I'm talking of Daniele Catalanotto. And he has something cool he wants to share with you?

Forget the same old, boring Christmas stories. Here's a story that needs to be told!

Need a good book to read next to your christmas tree?  Instead of christmas stories why not read stories about how Service Design became a proper field?

Today, your #SDsanta Daniele is giving you a 50% discount on the book "A tiny service design history" that was published last year and has been presented this year at the Service Design Global Conference in Toronto.

Get your gift here!

Oh, and by the way, there's rumors going around the elves that #SDsanta Daniele might even return with more gifts in the coming days. But well, it's just rumors.

Missed the earlier #SDsanta Advent Calendar goodies? Here, here, here!

Would like to get to know Daniele? Highly recommended!



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