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Author - Samuel Simon

We're traveling back in time today! Let's discover the mystery behind one of the key things in service design.

So what's the deal with the rubber chicken? Have you seen it being used in service design workshops, too? And were rightfully wondering what this peculiar thing is about?

It dates back to the ancient early times of the very first editions of the Global Service Jam. One of the masterminds behind this successful and influential series of events needs to be cited here on the topic:

“For me”, Adam StJohn Lawrence explains on the Jam’s Facebook page, a rubber chicken is an invitation to play and a reminder that my responsibility is to my work, not to my ego. It’s also an instant first prototype of almost anything: it becomes the preliminary model and inspires me to try things out. Doing not talking….”

OK, now where's the gift we promised you?

Yes, there still is a present for you behind today's advent calendar door. Today's #SDsanta is the above mentioned Adam StJohn Lawrence. Very much in line with the cited playfulness harmoniously relating to the focus on the responsibility to your work he is offering a 3-day workshop for experienced facilitators to give you an in-depth look at theatrical methods and their use in service design, design thinking and customer experience projects. And because we're all feeling extremely christmassy today we're offering it to you with a whopping 75% discount.

A 75% discount? Are you serious?

Yes! Very much so. Here's the coupon code: TheaterMethodsSDN. Now, go on over there.

Looking for someone to go with? Or just for fellow service designer in your area? They are eagerly waiting for you here!

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