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This thing here has gotten standing ovations. Have a look what's behind door 21 of the #SDsanta Advent Calendar.

#SDsanta is releasing another one of the heavily guarded #SDGC19 keynote videos! This exclusive access is usually only granted to attendees and paying members, but we're in a jolly christmas mood. And so close to Christmas Eve we just can't handle the suspense and need to lift the curtain for the SDGC19 keynote presentation by Zita Cobb.

Zita Cobb described the work of Shorefast on Fogo Island, including the Fogo Island Inn. Shorefast is a registered charity that was established to grow another leg on Fogo Island's economy. By investing in art, design, and community business, Shorefast and Fogo Island Inn have built a worldwide reputation for exceptional, place-specific design and hospitality.

Find out how in this really inspiring talk: 


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Enjoy the Christmas season.

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