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Christmas Cheers from all around the globe. The SDN chapters are sending their best wishes.

After yesterday's long read, today we're sending you a mix of short bits from all around the world. Thanks to the SDN chapters and members that have sent in some things to wish you all a very merry Christmas season.

Christmas cheers, fun with sticky notes, annual reports and podcasts episodes. All below!

And we want to take the opportunity to thank all of you, too. Thanks a million for making 2019 such an active year for service design. We are looking forward to all the different events and collaborations coming up next year.

SDN members from Brazil, Netherlands, and UK - all employees of Livework - have gotten to share their trend review of service design in 2019. Great to see how well connected the global network of service design professional is.


And what would a review of 2019 be without pointing to the Service Design Global Conference, which took place in Toronto this October. The international community of service design enthusiasts came together exploring the discipline in collaboration, sharing their insights from their various backgrounds.

We're always happy to have the Stina and David from the Service Design Podcast on board as supporters of the conference. All through the year they are producing episodes with the service designers and especially the Service Design Award winners they meet there.

Have a listen to their very latest look back at SDGC19 below. And see you next year in Copenhagen for SDGC20!

If you want to know what's up elsewhere in the world of service design, have a look what came in from SDN member Gabriela Salinas: An annual report dedicated to capturing the Mexico's situation around the practice of service design with the objective of studying and measuring its growth. Not just very interesting to see how the discipline develops in this country, but also a great starting point if you are looking into comparing the profession with your or any other country.

My personal favorite insight: Finding out which age group is predominantly active in Mexico as a service design practicioner.

With all the business talk, let's not forget to keep in mind that being a service designer can be fun, too. Our SDN Accredited Trainer Raisa Maijala has sent us this short clip from one of her workshop to show how much fun innovating can be.


The Magic of post it notes!

We use sticky notes or post it notes of all sizes and shapes in our projects and workshops. Why? Not because we are designers and we are supposed to be using them, but because sticky notes are useful, tangible (where as services often are not), they keep us focused on the process, regrouping of ideas is easy, stickies are also colorful (this inspires to innovate), and they are a good tool in different service design methods, for example in ideation, customer journeys, affinity diagrams, etc.

But also because sticky notes are fun and break the ice in workshops!

Let's keep it fun next year, too.

- - -

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Enjoy the Christmas season.

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