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More free tools and methods from our #SDsanta Sam!

Since so many of you reacted so positively on my first quick list of links to service design resources, tools and methods I would like to share even more with all of you today.

Get ready for a big, big mix of excellent Service Design sources.

The following list is double as long as the last one. I'm including most of the suggested material I got from you. Thank you all so much. You are an amazing community. Keep sending in stuff you would like me to share.


01 Tools and Templates

Coming from the Practical Serivce Design community. A loooooong list.

02 Design methods for developing services

An introduction to service design and a selection of service design tools by the Design Council.

03 Resources by IDEO

A great guide on designing for public services. Oh, and here is another one from them on Human-Centered Design. And then there's also their brainstorming exercises for introverts. Also very good.

04 Deceptively simple - Tremendously effective

Well, that's at least what the amazing folks at Livework are saying about their tools.

05 Toolkits from Bridgeable

Two-in-One: Here's the Inclusive Co-Design Toolkit and the Designing for Behavior Change Toolkit.

06 The Human-Centered AI Canvas

A tool to help you navigate your AI transformation with the human context in mind.

07 The IoT Service Kit

Creating IoT services has never been easier. Thanks to the people at Futurice.

08 Resources on Design Systems

A list in a list in a list. Inception!

09 DIY Toolkit for Social Innovation

Well, the title says it all! Here you go.

10 The Hyperisland Toolbox

Always on my radar, the folks at Hyperisland have a superb resource kit you can use to apply creative collaboration.


Half way there. Take a breath. And remember: Send me a quick message to be featured, too.

11 All things Circular

Here is the Circular Design Guide. Here, a circular economy toolkit for policymakers. And here is the Circular Classroom, a free toolkit for activating the circular economy through experiential learning.

12 Tools for System Thinkers

How to apply Systems Thinking. Or learn about Systems Mapping.

13 Jobs-To-Be-Done

Not sure if this buzzword has died out yet, but here's a nice-looking canvas and a book getting you from theory to praxis.

14 The Customer Journey Canvas

A classic service design tool

15 Improving the user experience of government services

With the help of this impressive method collection by 18F.

16 The Design-Leadership handbook

Pretty self-explanatory, right? Here you go.

17 Prototyping Primer

The ultimate primer about processes, methods and books regarding development, prototyping and lean startup building.

18 The Actionable Futures Toolkit

A toolkit for building and aligning a future for an organisation, service or product.

19 Public Design Vault

500+ design tools for public good! Here you go.

20 Complete Beginner's Guide to Information Architecture

Information architecture is a task often shared by designers, developers, and content strategists. Get to know its influences, tools and resources.


Wohoo. You made it all the way down this list. So you are either a very good reader. Or a just quick with scrolling. Both things are fine features that come in handy for my very last special tip. Folks, getting service design to happen in the public sector can be a long, long struggle sometimes.

Public administration has its very own structures and processes. That's why Citizen-Driven Innovation is very important to grow in strength and influence. If you want to pitch an idea in the publice sector have a look at this very, very thorough guidebook for city mayors and public administrators. Hope this helps to be more convincing.


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Enjoy the Christmas season.


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