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Author - Samuel Simon

Special Christmas greetings from one of our SDN members with a very important impulse for thought.

A very happy St. Lucy's Day to all of you. What is that? Stefan will tell you. And as a global network of very active service design professionals we feel proud to able to give a voice to you all. So here's a big, big thanks to all of you for your efforts, your trust, your enthusiasm. If you want to participate in the #SDsanta campaign Sam's inbox is thirsty for your mail. He'd happily help you to share something with the international service design community - no matter if now or later.

Stefan Moritz, SDN member in Sweden, one of our SDN Accredited Master Trainers and a consultant for service innovation, customer experience and multidisciplinary collaboration at McKinsey&Company and Veryday - is sending you a special service design Christmas greeting.




Thank you, Stefan! And have a great holiday season everybody. Find the whole #SDsanta Advent Calendar here. Or here!

More on the SDN Accredited Trainers.

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Enjoy the Christmas season.


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