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Today's Service Design Santa has got a whole load of presents ready for you.

Oh boy, you would not believe what Gerry Scullion has made available for all of you. As our #SDsanta today he is sharing a whole lot of goodies from The HCD Network. Gerry and the HCD network have been official media partners of the Service Design Global Conference in Toronto this year and there he recorded one, two, three ... no, four episodes with some very interesting speakers.

Now, get ready for the Christmas gifts!

It's raining discounts (and some cool freebies below)! Have a look at all the specials we are offering together with The HCD Network for the service design community:



Aaaaand, saving the best for last - there's also some free things to win!


How can I get one of the free giveaways?

Let us know which of the above you'd like. Comment on the social media post you came from or on the bottom of this page and let us know who should get this issue. To comment here, you need to be signed in as a member. And if you're not a member yet, you can quickly join with different free and paid options.

We'll announce the winners in a couple of days. Good luck.


Missed the earlier #SDsanta Advent Calendar goodies? Here, here, here!

Want to contribute something as our #SDsanta, too. Sam's inbox is thirsty for your mail.

Want those goodies to come to your inbox directly? Sign up here for the good news. 

Enjoy the Christmas season.


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