Samuel Simon
Author - Samuel Simon

Uh oh, what's behind door number 1? Some special service design goodies are waiting for you.

Ho Ho Ho! Service Design Santa is wishing you a cheerful Christmas season.

Yes, that's a cheesy way to start, but we've got to start our #SDsanta advent calendar somehow, don't we?

So how about we cut to the chase and offer you our first gift with a twist.

You are today's service design santa! Who should we gift an issue of the touchpoint journal to in your name?

With this issue of Touchpoint, we celebrated the tenth year of publication. And rather than choosing a simple theme, we decided to tackle one of the trickiest problems of service design: How does service design continue delivering value through to implementation? In other words, what happens after that second diamond?


Flip through this free preview (selected pages) to get a first look or scroll over the article overview here on our website. Oh, and for more free Touchpoint articles hop on over to our publications on Medium.

How does it work?

Comment on the social media post you came from or on the bottom of this page and let us know who should get this issue. To comment here, you need to be signed in as a member. And if you're not a member yet, you can quickly join with different free and paid options.

We'll announce the winners in a couple of days. Good luck.

(Did you notice that Sam was apparently so excited that he held the magazine upside down? Oh, Sam.)


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