Service Design Day 2023: Do Good - Give Back!

On June 1, the service design community will come together in recognition of Service Design Day, an occasion designed to acknowledge the power of service design! Join us in celebration!

As service designers, we recognise the importance of our work in today's challenging times, which is why we're excited to announce that this year's Service Design Day (June 1, 2023) will continue the "Do Good - Give Back" campaign.

The need to reassess how we operate as a society has never been greater as the world continues to cope with the effects that the pandemic and ongoing wars have had on global communities, economies, and social networks.

With its launch, we invite all practitioners, students, agencies, and academics from all across the globe to join in and lend your support to those organisations most in need of your services.

How can I participate?

  • Host an event or an online meetup, workshop or training for your local community around the topic of service design
  • Hold a discussion/lightning talk on how service design can help society and contribute to the common good
  • Have an "open door" event or a service design exhibition and invite students, NGOs, charities or community service organisations to your office
  • Empower service providers to utilise service design, talk about service design tools and methods and discuss the implementation of service design for the greater good
Offer your pro-bono service design skills to an organisation in need!

Join us in the Service Design Day celebration on June 1, 2023! Share your initiatives using hashtags #SDDDAY23 and #ServiceDesignDay and tag us in your posts - they will be shared in our interactive live feed!

Do good - give back!

  • Share your initiatives: How do you celebrate Service Design Day? Share examples of how can service design serve the community and create a positive impact
  • Spread the love: Snap a photo of your team with the Service Design Day heart gesture
  • Share the love and celebrate your great colleagues: show empathy, multicultural insight, and collaboration
  • Celebrate Success Stories: Tag companies or people who have inspired you, promote infographics and pictures from previous successful projects - let the world know that service design can make a difference
  • Join our SDN Slack channel
Join our online activities!


Join us!

The SDN is excited to celebrate Service Design Day (June 1) with our global community. Our theme, Do good - give back, challenges practitioners everywhere to offer their services for the benefit of local communities. We welcome you joining this cause and in turn, want to offer up some great incentives to showcase how much we appreciate you and all the good you do!

Thank you!



The SDN is offering great discounts on its professional membership fees, until June 2, 2023. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just starting out in the field, there are countless reasons to take advantage of this offer and join the SDN member community. With four tiers of membership and varying reductions based on country of origin, there's an option to suit everyone. Find out more!

SDN Accreditation

Be SDN Accredited by availing our 25% Service Design Day discount! The SDN Accreditation is the perfect opportunity to showcase your experience within the Service Design practice and expand your engagement within the Service Design community. If you want to be SDN accredited as a Practitioner, Professional or Master, please feel free to contact us at

SDN Accreditation
Service Design Award 2023

Service Design Award 2023

Take advantage of a 20% savings on your Service Design Award submission as part of our Service Design Day special offers!
The offer is valid from  June 1 to June 5, 2023. Discount is calculated and available in the cart of the Award system, in order to use it you need to finalise the payment in the stated period.
Discount code: SDDAY23

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