Are you a professional with theoretical and practical knowledge of service design seeking official recognition of your qualification?

The SDN is currently developing the Practitioner Accreditation programme, and we plan to launch it in April 2021. Through this accreditation, the SDN will recognise the quality of professionals who possess both theoretical and practical knowledge of service design. Subscribe to our dedicated newsletter and stay up-to-date once this initiative is ready!

Practitioner accreditation       

The Practitioner Accreditation Programme by the Service Design Network (SDN) will validate your competency in service design and lend credibility to your practice. 

Candidates who have participated in service design training by the SDN or other institutions – single or cumulative courses adding up to minimum 32 hours of training, including the completion of a practical training case – and/or have been practicing service design in a professional capacity for 1+ year will qualify to participate.

The standardised accreditation process will consist of the following steps:

Get official recognition by the SDN for knowledge and practical application of service design process, principles, methods and tools

What means to be an Accredited Practitioner

Candidates successfully accredited will hold the status of Service Design Accredited Practitioner for the period of 2 years and become a member of our international network of high quality service design professionals, and as such will be recognised and promoted as a skilled service design practitioner and a quality partner of the SDN.

After the 2 years period, accredited practitioners can choose to renew their accreditation status or upgrade to a Professional accreditation by following specific requirements.


Valuable for Practitioners and Companies

Recognition by the industry and peers to get ahead of the competition

“In today’s market, it is vital to self-employed professionals like me to be able to proof one’s expertise.” – Innovation Consultant, Netherlands.

“Demand is already strong for Service Design in Ireland. Talented designers with practitioner accreditation will help accelerate the impact it can have nationally.” – John Lynch, Founder & Director at Context Studio, Ireland.


SDN Practitioner Accreditation is planned to be launched in April 2021.

Are you interested in becoming an SDN Accredited Practitioner yourself? Subscribe to our newsletter and stay up-to-date once this initiative is ready!

Coming soon!

The team

The SDN has set up a task force of exceptional professionals working within the practice of service design to develop the Practitioner Accreditation. The service has been under development for the past year to serve the needs of both practitioners and companies.

A programme designed by professionals for professionals

Birgit Mager
Birgit Mager - Service Design Network

President of Global Service Design Network, Service Design Professor at KISD, Germany.

Cristine Lanzoni
Cristine Lanzoni - Service Design Network

Service Designer and Project Manager at SDN HQ, Germany.

Gassia Salibian
Gassia Salibian - Future-Proof Consulting

Lead of customer experience and business strategy consultancy, SDN Accredited Master Trainer, United States.

Eleonora Carnasa
Eleonora Carnasa - Fabrica 360

Service designer focused on organisational transformation and mindset change, SDN Accredited Master Trainer, Bulgaria.

John Lynch
John Lynch - Context Studio

Service Designer, Founder & Director at Context Studio, Ireland.

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