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Gassia Salibian
Emeryville | United States

Hi, I lead a customer experience and business strategy consultancy, helping companies - from startups to Fortune 100's - deliver differentiated experiences that people crave.

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I am a board member of the San Francisco chapter & National Chapters board for the US.

I've designed experiences all my life. First as an architect, then as a management consultant in service design and operational process engineering, then as a customer experience strategist. I love transforming needs & desires into tangible experiences.

Gassia Salibian
SDN US National Chapter Board Member & Innovation Consultant

Gassia’s interest in Service Design

I am a lifelong learner and have immense curiosity about people and cultures. The international nature of SDN connects me to the practice of service design throughout the world and helps me understand the different ways services are perceived and valued across cultures.

Gassia’s contribution

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Touchpoint Article Taming Organisational Challenges in Service Design

Taming Organisational Challenges in Service Design

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