'Measuring Service Experience'

The Call for Papers for our next issue of Touchpoint is open! Submit your abstract by 20 October 2021 and help us to advance the service design field and its practices. We’re looking forward to many inspiring contributions!

Measuring Service Experience

“You cannot manage what you cannot measure... and what gets measured gets done.” This quote - or variations of it - have been variously attributed to management gurus over the last decades. And as service design continues to gain traction in large organisations, that measurement aspect becomes an even more pressing concern of our community.

By their very nature, service experiences are difficult to observe and measure in their totality. Spread chronologically over time, and distributed across multiple touchpoints, that holistic view of how a customer or end user experienced a service is difficult to come by. Some metrics and measurement techniques can give us sharp focus and detailed insights into some experiential aspects, but others remain very challenging to really grasp - and therefore can make them even harder to improve.

In this coming issue of Touchpoint, we want to look at how service experiences are effectively measured. What techniques, whether qualitative or quantitative, machine learning-assisted, supported by good old contextual observation, or derived through some other entirely new technique, are in use today by service designers, and service design managers?

Read more and submit your abstracts via the online form until 20 October 2021 (23:59 CET).

We are looking forward to many inspiring contributions! 

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