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Touchpoint Vol. 7 No. 2 – Highlights


Enabling a Culture of Innovation

Author: Carolina Garzon MradMatthew VandertuynKaty Mahraj

Traditionally, design consultants have been viewed as experts who meet needs beyond their clients’ skill set. Time, budget, and predefined deliverables drive the …

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Through the Looking Glass

Author: Jamin HegemanPatrick Quattlebaum

When Capital One acquired Adaptive Path in October 2014, the service design community took notice. Was this the end of service design as we know it? Or the beginning of a new era? …

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So What Did You Say Service Design Is?

Authors: Paula Bello

Does it really make sense to build an internal service design competence? Will the effort, time and money invested bring a genuine benefit for the company? Is it a better solution building it in-house instead …

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