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The new Touchpoint Vol. 7 No. 3!                  

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Touchpoint Vol. 7 No. 3 – Highlights


Redesigning Uber’s Surge Pricing

Author: Robert J. Neal

In order to design services in a consumer-centred way, service designers often rely on reasoning through how a consumer would behave in certain situations. To do this, designers have developed tools and techniques such as personas and ….

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Who Are You Selling To?

Authors: Minna EiniöLaura FranckMariann PartsPauline Ranta

What makes companies buy service design  During the past years, Hellon’s sales team has become very successful in selling service design. The yearly turnover has increased at an accelerating pace, reaching a …

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The Path To Value via Service Design

Author: Paula Giles

Executives are busy people. Daily, they struggle to rise above the mountains of emails, back-to-back meetings and the demands of managing staff to focus on and achieve the strategic and tactical responsibilities they hold …

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