The 2020 Service Design Award: Celebrating Excellence in Service Design

Innovative services that will reshape how we function as a society are emerging across the globe and rapidly growing in demand as we challenge the repercussions that the COVID-19 pandemic has set upon us.

As service designers, we are in a unique position to adapt to this new world order and drive the kind of change that will set communities, organisations and governments up to succeed. We know this space well because that is what our practice is built around, making things better. It is with that understanding that we, at the SDN, developed the Service Design Award (2015) to celebrate the incredible contributions our community has made in how services work and to share that knowledge via these best-practice examples.


“The Service Design Award provides our community with a way to learn from each other so that we can collectively grow our service design skills and have a larger, more meaningful impact on the world around us.” Kerry Bodine, (Head of Jury; Service Design Award)

Kerry Bodine --
Kerry Bodine

Submit Now for the 2020 Service Design Award

Because we are passionate about celebrating service design in all its forms, The Service Design Award accepts submissions from professionals (Professional Commercial, Professional Non-profit / Public Sector) and students alike from all over the world. Past winners of this prestigious recognition have run the gamut from services aimed at transforming a social security organisation in Chile, to designing a differentiating customer experience for parent/baby shoppers, to redesigning how to manage the next steps for young adults leaving the assisted care system

Submitted projects will be judged based on established benchmarks of world-class service design, development and delivery. Such measures ensure that the process remains competitive and attracts the kind of high-quality work that adds value to the conversation while enriching the learning opportunities for all.

“The criteria for entries are lengthy, but the most important one is easily summed up: Provide proof of how service design impacted the results,” J. Margus Klaar, Jury Member; Service Design Award

Judge and Jury

The award jury for the 6th annual Service Design Award is made up of a board of international thought leaders who are committed to a careful assessment that is fair, objective and transparent. Each year our jury is inspired by the quality of work being submitted by participants and despite the time commitment connected to their work, we hear time and time again how rewarding their participation has been. 

Participating in the jury is an educational experience for me. There are very few forums available where so much high-quality service design can be reviewed and discussed. It is inspiring to see what is being done around the world.” J. Margus Klaar (Jury Member; Service Design Award) 

The SDN will look to celebrate the incredible achievements of our finalists and ultimate winners during the SDN’s annual global conference (SDGC21) which is slated to take place next year in Copenhagen from April 22-23, 2021. This is an opportunity for you and the amazing contributions you had made to shine. Please consider taking the time to review your past projects, decide which one illustrates your best work and submit your project today! (Deadline October 30, 2020

For me, it’s so inspiring to see the amazing service design work being done by all types of people and organisations around the world…It’s an honour to be in the midst of such talented people,” Kerry Bodine, Head of Jury; Service Design Award

All quotes are attributed to the Service Design Award Annual 2017.

Margus J. Klaar --
Margus J. Klaar

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