Service Design Award: Winners Testimonial

The winning team of the Service Design Award 2019 shared their experience. Learn more about it and motivate yourself for submitting your project. Be a Winner!

Service Design Award 2019 Winner - Best Commercial Project

Transforming a Social Security Organization through Service Design - by UC Design School, Brandbook and SurAndina Consultores

Special thanks to Patricio Hernández G. and team for taking their time and answering the following questions:

  1. How/when did you first hear about the SD Award and how did you go about getting involved in the submission process?

    We knew about the SD Award because some people in our team are part of the Chilean SDN chapter. We investigated the process and reviewed the winners of previous years and as a team we made the decision to apply. Initially we plan to apply in 2018 but we define waiting  to have more concrete results. This decision, we believe, was fundamental in our process.

  2. What did you hope to achieve by entering the award?

    On one hand, this award has an important prestige and just being a finalist was a tremendous pride for us. On the other hand, showing the world that in Chile, a country so far away, world class work is being done was a very important motivation for us. We were convinced that the methodology we have developed integrating the service design with the management model that supports it, represented a relevant asset for the award.

  3. How did it feel when you found out you had won?

    It was a big surprise, even more seeing the quality of our competitors that are world leaders in the discipline. It was a very exciting time for us and our team. We are proud to position Chile in the world thanks to this award.

  4. How has this award benefitted you?

    The award has given us a lot of visibility in Chile and in the world. It has allowed us to connect with many people who have been interested in our methodology and work and we have shared and learned many experiences. The days we were at the congress was a great opportunity to talk with many people. We were pleasantly surprised by the interest generated by our project and it was very gratifying to share our experience with people from all over the world.

  5. What advice would you give participants considering entering the award in 2020?

    We strongly recommend that you apply. Developing the case documentation process and the entire process associated with the application is very enriching. For us it was key to study the previous cases, that will give you a very good reference of the aspects to consider. And the most relevant focus on the results and the real generation of impact on the different concrete indicators that your project was able to mobilize. 

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Early bird submission is open until April 4, 2020 and the final date to submit your project is June 12, 2020.

SDN Perks and Privileges:

  • International recognition, trophy and winner's badge
  • Finalist exhibition and winners presentations at SDGC20
  • Celebrate at SDGC20 and receive a premium conference rate
  • Showcase your project in the SDN case study library
  • Discuss your project on the Service Design Podcast
  • Feature articles in Touchpoint, the International Journal for Service Design
  • One-year free Membership for your team

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