Service Design Award 2020 - Meet our Jury

Meet our Service Design Award 2020 Jury members – the leading international service design experts. They carefully evaluate each of project submissions in order to award the very best of service design.

The Service Design Network is pleased to announce the jury for the Service Design Award 2020 which recognises excellence in service design. The jury will select the finalists of this year’s edition and proclaim the winners at virtual SDGC21 in October.

This year’s jury includes:

Kerry Bodine founded the consulting firm Bodine & Co. in 2014 to create great customer experiences with business leaders who seek the financial benefits of a human-centered approach to business. She is a frequent keynote speaker at public conferences and private corporate events around the world.

Her book, Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business—and her writing in Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Forbes, USA Today and Touchpoint—draw on two decades in technology and design, showing how observant companies win again and again.


J. Margus Klaar is a Swiss-Swedish-Canadian-Estonian with over 25 years of experience in strategic marketing and communication. Since 2009, after establishing Brand Manual with three partners, he concentrated on service design and innovation as the best means of brand building. He works with companies to improve their competitiveness by focusing on their customers' experience, and designing processes and concepts that meet their customers' underlying needs.

He is a frequent speaker at service design and marketing conferences, author of dozens of articles, 5 pocket books as well as of the introduction to service design "How to have your cake and eat it too."


Taina Mäkijärvi is curious, energetic and experienced change and development oriented visionary leader. Developing customer oriented profitable services, business, new working methods and inspiring leadership are her special interest areas. She graduated from the Aalto University Executive MBA program in November 2013 with honors. Her work experience contains Group level responsibilities as well as line management, project management and customer service tasks.

Specialties: Customer service concept development: products/services, project management, management/leadership, marketing/communication, training/development, Investor Relations 


Florian Vollmer is Service Design Director at NCR and Teaches Service Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  He has over a decade of experience in developing innovative solutions in a variety of contexts and target markets.


Kate Okrasinski is Director of Innovation at MAKE Studios: Design-led Innovation.

Drawing from her experience as an executive coach and strategic designer, Kate works with organisations to design and drive business transformation, cultural and organisational change programs. Using a blend of human-centric disciplines (such as Design Thinking and Service Design) Kate helps organisations to navigate the complex digital landscape to solve business challenges.


Luis Alt is expert in service design, innovation and business strategy. He is a founder of Livework in Brazil.

Over the last decade, Luis has been using design to help people and brands to provide better services. He lead innovation and service design projects as the founding partner of Livework in Brazil, he is the author of the best-seller Design Thinking Brazil and he teaches at renowned universities around the globe.

Specialties: Service Design, Innovation, User Experience Design, Design Management and Design Strategy 


Damian Kernahan is Australia's leading expert on service design, customer experience management and service innovation, believing that branding is the promise you make; customer experience is the promise you keep.

To help Australian organisations keep more of their brand promises, Damian pioneered the introduction of Service Design to Australian business in 2008. Damian is a founder of Proto Partners, a customer insight driven strategy consulatncy. 


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