Service Design Award 2019: Extended Deadline

Due to high demand the Service Design Award 2019 deadline has been extended to June 17 (23:59 CET)!

Due to a high demand and after the huge buzz from our community, we decided to give you all a deadline extension to submit your service design cases.

We are happy to announce that deadline is extended by 10 days, to June 17, 23:59 CET. You will have more time to boost and enhance your project submission.

Keep in mind that this year work will be judged anonymously, so please do not use your team, organization, university or client names or branding anywhere in the submission or the images.

Winners and finalists will be presented with their certificates and trophies on stage at the very special Service Design Global Conference in Toronto! You will have an opportunity to display and discuss your projects at a dedicated Award exhibition - showcasing your project activities and allowing all conference attendees to experience and share in the work.

More on how to enter

Make sure you have submitted all required documents:

  • Single Page Summary
  • Five Pages Submission report
  • Single Page Signed Validation
  • Visual Document 6-15 Pages
    * Please stick to the number of pages criteria

You will be able to edit and update your submission until the extended entry deadline of June 17.

Still on the fence about entering?
Then check out the amazing benefits of winning or being a finalist.

Don't delay, submit your project today!

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