Service Design Award 2018: Extended Deadline

We've extended the submission deadline for the Service Design Award 2018 to June 11.

June 4 was supposed to be the final deadline for all submissions for the Service Design Award 2018. But after the huge buzz, the recommendations, the requests and generally seeing such an amazingly active service design community on and around Service Design Day we decided to give you all a little more time to submit your service design cases. We are happy to announce that deadline is extended by one week, to June 11, 23:59 CEST. You will have more time to boost and enhance your project submission.

Keep in mind that this year work will be judged anonymously, so please do not use your team, organization, university or client names or branding anywhere in the submission or the images. Maintaining anonymity: In case you have images of artifacts or project outputs that have your organization logo or your client’s logo or another highly recognizable branding visible, please either a) blur or cover the branding in the photograph so it is not visible or b) submit different photographs, sketches or diagrams without branding.

More on how to enter.

  • Make sure you have submitted all required documents:
  • Single Page Summary
  • Five Pages Submission report
  • Single Page Signed Validation
  • Visual Document 6-15 Pages
    * Please stick to the number of pages criteria

Bear in mind you can still edit your submission until the extended entry deadline of June 11.

Still on the fence about entering? Then check out the amazing benefits of winning or being a finalist.

Don't delay, submit your project as soon as possible!

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