An Exciting New Opportunity as an Accredited Trainer!

The SDN is excited to announce the launch of the SDN Academy (SDNA) concept globally and we are inviting our Accredited Trainers and Master Trainers to take part! Join us so that we can reach more people and spread valuable knowledge about service design.

The SDN Academy has already had a series of successful trainings at the SDN's event space in Cologne, Germany. We've also recently piloted our first trainings at a satellite venue by teaming up with Designit's Munich office. In addition, we have interest and demand from chapters and venues from around the world.

The SDN Academy helps fulfil the educational and awareness aspects of the SDN's mission and will encompass a broad range of trainings that will be made available on a worldwide basis.

A key to making that happen is you - our accredited trainers!


If you choose to take part in the SDN Academy (SDNA), you'll have access to ready-made SDNA-standardised courses that you can teach on your own. You are also invited to propose your own trainings that, following approval, can be offered under the SDNA brand. We'll also provide a flexible delivery model for SDNA trainings: You may choose to fully organise your own and receive SDN marketing support via our social media channels/local chapters, or you may be contracted by us to deliver trainings (to be paid out at a day rate) while we take care of the venue, ticketing, administration and marketing.

The SDN Academy remains a part of the SDN, which is a non-profit, volunteer-led organisation. Income received by the SDNA—such as through licensing our standardised courses and requesting a modest marketing fee for the use of our brand when trainers organise their own courses—will be invested in growing our course catalogue and handling administrative matters.

We want the SDN Academy to deliver value to our accredited trainers by offering a unique, new benefit to accreditation. We feel confident that this program allows you to directly benefit from the authority and recognition of the SDN, enabling your trainings to truly stand out. In addition, our standardised courses allow you to effectively broaden your instructional offering.

We hope you'll choose to team up with us so that we can reach more people and spread valuable knowledge about service design.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the official launch on the 15th of August!

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