Find a Service Design Day 2019 event near you!

We are celebrating Service Design Day all across the world! Find an event or an activity near you today!

There are more ways to participate in Service Design Day in addition to online activities! You can also go offline and connect with your local community. We are celebrating Service Design Day all across the globe.

Share your initiatives using hashtags #SDDay19 and #ServiceDesignDay and tag us in your posts! Follow global online activites on our Service Design Day feed and join our Slack channel.

(in alphabetical order)

  • Argentina - Buenos Aires (May 31)
    Los organizadores de los Service Design Drinks y la Service Design Jam celebran juntos el Service Design Day!
  • Brazil
    • Belo Horizonte (June 1)
      O Service Design Day acontece em mais de 11 países do mundo inteiro simultaneamente com o objetivo de difundir boas práticas, métodos e ferramentas de design de serviço para a comunidade local!
    • Floripa (June 1)
      Comemoração do dia global do Design de Serviço em Floripa!
    • Recife (June 1)
      Cada comunidade organiza e desenvolve o evento em sua localidade e Recife não poderia ficar fora dessa. Foi assim que montamos o SERVICE DESIGN DAY 19 RECIFE!
    • Ribeirão Preto (June 1)
      A WHF, um membro da Service Design Network, convida você a se juntar a esta iniciativa global que acontece simultaneamente no dia 01 de junho em mais 17 países pelo mundo. 
    • Rio de Jainero (June 6)
      Será um dia para celebrar o Design de Serviço no Brasil. O tema desse ano fala exatamente da contribuição do design para a comunidade e várias cidades ao redor do mundo irão organizar um evento entre os dias 1º e 6 de junho.
    • Sao Paolo (June 1)
      O Service Design Day comemorado em 1 de junho é um dia dedicado aos entusiastas do design de serviço em todo o mundo! Queremos juntar as pessoas de diferentes origens e disciplinas. Juntos, celebraremos o design de serviço, aumentaremos a conscientização e criaremos impacto na sociedade!
  • Bulgaria - Sofia (May 31)
    We will be organising an event on May 31st. The format we have chosen is a mini-jam in support of the local community.

  • Colombia
    • Bogota (June 7)
    • Medelin (June 7)
  • France - Lyon (June 4)
    Ce meetup démarre un cycle "Think Positive" destiné à ouvrir notre vision et interroger nos pratiques par la rencontre de personnalités engagées et passionnantes.

  • Germany - Cologne (May 31)
    Lernreise Service Design im öffentlichen und sozialen Sektor by KISD, mind&makers and SDN.

  • India 
    • Bengaluru (June 1)
      On the occasion of Service Design Day, on June 1st, we'd like to bring together service design practitioners to meet, greet, and be nerdy. Service designers, especially in India are few and hard to find. This is why we'd like to have a gathering to get to know each-other and explore the growth of this discipline.
    • Chandigarh (May 31)
      Join IxDA Chandigarh on the occasion of Service Design Day to learn more about Service Design and how can it be used to improve the lives of citizens.
  • Japan - Tokio (June 1)
    6月1日はService Design Network(SDN)が制定した「Service Design Day」です。 SDN日本支部では、今年もこの日を祝してイベントを開催します。

  • New Zealand - Wellington
    Department of Corrections - will have three teams heading out to three small Non-Government Organisations (non-profit) locally who will really benefit from their support. All of them are focussed on reducing domestic or family violence. We will be working with each of these agencies on 31 May. 

  • Portugal
    • Lisboa (June 1)
      No dia 1 de junho celebrar-se o Service Design Day, e a Service Design Network Portugal está a organizar um meetup em Lisboa. O tema que se pretende explorar é Service Design 4Kids.
    • Porto (June 1)
      No dia 1 de junho celebrar-se o Service Design Day, e a Service Design Network Portugal está a organizar um meetup no Porto. O tema que se pretende explorar é Service Design for Elderly.
  • Qatar - Doha (June 1)
    We invite you to join the "Simulation Workshop: Service Design in Education Sector" presented by Rania Sawalhi.

  • Russia - Moscow (June 1)
    1 июня впервые в России будем праздновать День Сервис Дизайна вместе с международным глобальным сообществом Service Design Network.

  • Turkey 
    • Gaziantep (May 31)
      We invite you at SABR to join the "Simulation Workshop: Service Design in Social Sector" presented by Ghiath Hawari in Gaziantep, Turkey.
    • Istanbul (June 18)
      Join us on June 18, for a delightful networking event in Kadıköy, İstanbul! :) Let's meet and chat about service design over a few drinks and celebrate a late International Service Design Day.
  • Ukraine
    • Kyiv (May 25)
      Джентрифікуймось, бо ми того варті. Команда еко-простору «Скворечник» вже п’ятий рік поспіль перетворює на краще міські парки Києва навколо себе. Service Design Network (SDN) з 2004 року популяризує у Світі філософію сервіс-дизайну — підходу до проектування процесу надання послуг які є зручними для клієнта цих послуг.
    • Lviv (May 31, June 1)
      Symphony Academy invites you to join global Service Design jam-session – two days of fun, mastering new skills and creating with people for people.
  • UK - London (June 8)
    In line with this year's theme of "Giving back to the community", we will be hosting a workshop at The Common Room to inspire people with ways to tackle the big issues affecting their impact organisations or social projects.

  • Uruguay - Montevideo (June 1).

    TALLER INTRODUCTORIO ¿qué es el diseñode servicios?

  • USA
    • Atlanta (May 31)
      We would love for you to join us for a picnic in the park and share how you give back in your culture or wherever you are from. Some of our conversations could even spark inspiration and turn into projects in our Atlanta community!
    • Chicago (June 1)
      Join us for a secret service safari and make the world a better place. As part of a team, you will be equipped with robust service design tools to explore, analyze and improve a real-life customer experience somewhere in Chicago. 
    • Minneapolis St.-Paul (June 1)
      We will supporting Alia a MN-based, national nonprofit with the mission of transforming the child welfare system.
    • New York (June 6)
      Join us and Designit to celebrate International Service Design Day at Designit's NYC studio in DUMBO on Thursday, June 6th.
    • Portland (June 1)
      Whether you are new to service design or a seasoned professional, our goal is to grow the service design community in Portland and deliver valuable content about service design and how to use it. Join us for this fast-paced, high-quality, learning-by-doing event.
    • Washington DC (May 31)
      Join us to celebrate Service Design Day with a summer social and happy hour!

Can't find your city? No worries. 
How about participating in our online activites?

  • Belgium - Peel: We organise a free idea giveaway!

    Do you, your company, local charity, partner or - what the heck - your dog have a challenge or problem needed to be solved? We've got you covered! For every struggle, question, problem or challenge you send to us, we'll give you at least one idea in return. We will substantiate the proposed ideas with methodologies and tools that could be useful for idea generation in the future as well. So, what are you still waiting for?! Send us your challenge.

  • Finland - Check out our online competition and share your ideas by May 26, the winners will be announced on June 1.
    SDN Finland challenges its members and other enthusiasts to be creative and celebrate service design. The ideas posted by 26.5. will be reviewed by our jury and the best idea will be rewarded with some of the latest service design books. The winner will be announced on 1.6.2019 on our Instagram page.

  • Mexico - We are going to create a virtual debate (video) with 5 main topics about Service Design, our aim is to realise it on June 3. We gathered participants from Latin America (Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Chile).

Share your initiatives using hashtags #SDDay19 and #ServiceDesignDay and tag us in your posts!

We look forward to celebrating another year of service design with you!
If you have any thoughts or comments please get in touch via

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