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Women’s Business Station is proud to present the third annual Enterprise Conversation featuring “Service Design” with Global Service Design Network Founder, Birgit Mager as our headline speaker.

Following the previous successes of Ernesto Sirolli with the Trinity of Management in 2019 and Doug Hall with Innovation Engineering in 2020 we are sure this will be an amazing event for everyone involved. 

The event will be a first of its kind, Women’s Business Station and Service Design Academy’s first hybrid event taking place both in-person and digitally with a global audience.

This year’s theme is around Service Design Thinking, how it can benefit businesses of all sizes to be more profitable, streamline processes and increase customer engagement and sales. Each of our speakers will complete an interactive activity so that you can put what you have learned into practice, they will be facilitated by Service Design Academy.

As a company or individual do you want to….

  •  Be recognised as an organisation who puts “people” at the heart of your business 
  •  Provide your employees, connections and clients with a unique opportunity to learn directly from the best in the industry
  •  Increase sales and profitability while maintaining your core values and offer
  •  Create a culture of innovation and creativity in your team

YES…. then attending this session and understanding how Service Design can benefit you and your business is a must!

The Enterprise Conversation with Birgit Mager, Headline Speaker

Acclaimed author, Co-Founder and President of Service Design Network, Birgit Mager will be joining us in person at the APEX hotel in Dundee. In true Birgit educational style, she will cover the topical challenges that women in business face and how service design can support and improve them.

The SDN Academy is an educational initiative introduced by the Service Design Network (SDN) and executed in tandem with a global community of SDN-Accredited Trainers and Master Trainers. Offering a series of continuing education courses for seasoned practitioners and service design newbies alike, the academy is committed to advancing practitioner knowledge by sharing insights on the latest tools, methods and techniques shaping the future of the industry.

Birgit is also editor in chief of Touchpoint, the international Journal of Service Design and Founder and Manager of sedes|research, the Centre for Service Design Research at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne.

Since 1995 Birgit Mager has held the first European professorship on “Service Design” at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne, Germany and since then has developed the field of Service Design constantly in theory, methodology and in practice. Her numerous lectures, publications and projects have strongly supported the implementation of a new understanding of the economical, ecological and social function of design in the domain of services.

Speaker and Host for the day Katie (Bain) Murrie from Service Design Academy

Katie is passionate about the use of service design in every area of our lives and is an expert in her own right; Service Design Network Accredited Master Trainer & SDN UK Committee member, Co-Founder of Service Design in Education and #EduJamUK.

Service Design puts people first, using creativity to solve problems, challenge thinking and make lives better. It creates an environment where people thrive, and innovation happens. It builds resilience and supports new ways of working.

Katie will be hosting throughout the day and will lead the panel discussion at the closing of the event.

Speaker, Radka Newton Co-Founder of Service Design in Education Network

“I am a human-centered educational designer inspired by diversity, creativity and open innovation.”

Radka is an expert in business and how to implement Service Design practices to innovate, streamline and create strategies for business growth and success.

Connecting with fascinating people from different backgrounds have formed her life approach and provided her with a wide choice of colourful lenses through which she views the world. Radka believes in the importance of having time to think.

Service Design Academy (SDA) – Event Partners and Facilitators 


The Service Design Academy (SDA) was launched in November 2017 at Dundee and Angus College and is a not-for-profit company committed to creating positive impact through interactive, practice-based learning. They have considerable expertise working on transformational change programmes across the private, public and third sectors.

The SDA team will be with us in the room on the day to ensure the smooth running and support of activities and learning. For those accessing the day digitally, the interactive platforms and call is being hosted by the SDA team, they will ensure great opportunities to engage and work through activities to create a hybrid environment that works for all participants.

SDA’s training and education programme ranges from a half-day introduction to service design mindset to the Professional Development Award in Service Design – the first and only Scottish Qualification Authority accredited course in Service Design at this level (SCQF 7) in the UK.

Their courses and customised programmes aim to foster design leadership, build service design capacity and create a community of practitioners. In 3 years, SDA has delivered over 350 workshops to over 5,000 people from 400 organisations.

SDA shapes programmes to address strategic objectives, while developing skills to meet the growing need to transform effectively. They work with delegates who come from organisations across the UK including local authorities, NHS, professional and financial services, national and community based charities.

They are proud to have been the first organisation in the world to be awarded full accreditation in 2020 from the Service Design Network, the global body that leads and drives service design thinking and education. Lead consultant Katie Murrie is an SDN accredited Master Trainer, Chris Muir and Dr Jo McNicoll are accredited SDN Trainers.

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