Calgary | Canada

In partnership with government, charities and business, we use design to solve problems that improve the lives of customers, users and citizens.

J5 Design is a design studio built to make the world more human. Our team provides strategic design services to
organizations that want to improve the experiences of their users. Users can be passengers at an airport, someone
applying for affordable housing, a patient receiving health services or the staff responsible for delivering these services.

Through a variety of human-centered methods and tools, we identify the moments that matter, then design strategies
and services to transform how people live, work and play. We know that our vision of creating a kinder, more beautiful
future is ambitious. For us, it means improving thousands, maybe millions of people’s lives. So, we focus on sectors and
clients that offer opportunities for large scale transformation and change, prioritizing those with the greatest potential
for positive social and economic impact.

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