We are Service Works Receives Organisational Accreditation

We are Service Works is granted with SDN Organisational Accreditation


We are pleased to welcome Service Works as our newest SDN Organisation Accredited.

Service Works is a service design consultancy based in  Cardiff that provides training and consultancy services. Through consultancy, training, coaching and workshops – Service Works helps teams to equip them with the right skills and hands-on experience to apply design thinking to their work. 

Jo Carter — Director of Service Woks – SDN Master Accredited, is an experienced consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach. She has developed learning and development programs and courses to help public and third sector organisations adopt the principles and practice of service design. 

Service Works approach:

  • Shifting the organisation’s mindset, understanding the work culture, and challenges the organisation face. 
  • Learning together: Reflecting and learning from what works and what doesn’t. Discovering and sharing together, working iteratively and in the open. 
  • Leaving and Lasting impact: Adopting a design thinking approach, finding exciting possibilities to tackle problems in the organisation’s services and context.

Service Works offers a unique range of courses – from the fundamentals of service design to customized training for organisations. Have an overview to the established courses:

  • Introduction to user-centred design and public services training course.
  • Leading Public Services in the Digital Age
  • Service Design in Practice



“ This style of developmental programme was a first for us. Jo and the team combined learning with application to a real-world problem and produced some really valuable recommendations. This approach had a really notable impact on engagement, and it’s been really powerful to see and hear the change among the cohort – in particular the mindset change. The programme added much more value than I’d hoped for both, for the cohort and for the organisation with great results” - Senior Learning Account Manager, Welsh Government

We recognise Service Works as a high-quality learning institution and consultancy. Through our Organisational Accreditation initiative, Service Works is also recognised as a high-quality partner of the SDN Academy, an international educational provider of high-quality service design content. 

We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration!

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