EMEA Edition of the Going Glocal Meetup Series Looks to Explore the Positive Impact of Inclusive Design

April 20, 2021 members-only event to be hosted by SDN Finland and Norway

Designing for People Not Stereotypes

Personas are an integral component of the creative process, helping designers shift focus from their own biases to a researched and represented user group. Nevertheless, these tools often reflect only one aspect of an individual’s life, thus providing a skewed representation of the users’ needs and the ultimate problem the designer is looking to solve. 

SDN Finland and Norway welcome SDN members to the latest Going Glocal Meetup where they will look to explore how service design can be more inclusive within its processes, tools and involvement.

Presented in two parts, our hosts will first look to showcase the tools developed by renowned leaders, Idean and Designit, that seek to confront all manner of biases throughout the design process. This topic is brought further to life with a concrete example from the city of Helsinki, which has invested over two million euros annually in the application of design.

This case study example will be presented by city representatives Tiina Hahto and Kirsi Verkka and will showcase how this progressive metropolis used inclusion to develop essential services for disabled and homeless people, senior citizens, and rehab-patients as they work towards their goal of becoming “the most functional city in the world.” 

Details of EMEA’s Going Glocal Meetup are as follows:

Topic: “Designing for People Not Stereotypes”

Date: April 20, 2021

Hosts: SDN Finland and Norway Chapters

Time: 18:00-19:30 Finland, 17:00-18:30 Norway 

Attendees: SDN Paid Members-only

Platform: Zoom 

How to Join

Going Glocal Meetups are an exclusive SDN members-only benefit. All members can find the participation link on their SDN dashboard (under discounts).

Please note that the complete recording of this meetup will be shared on the SDN “Watch and Learn” section in the near future. 

Next up in our Going Glocal Meetup series is our June event hosted by SDN Japan.

Stay tuned to our channels for updates as they develop!

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