Discover Touchpoint Vol. 9 No. 2 - Measuring Impact and Value

How can service design best measure the impact it achieves? In this issue of Touchpoint, we have tackled precisely this challenge as service design must become more mature in justifying itself to decision-makers, both before and after it is applied. We hope the insights and methods in this issue help you answer that question, when you next sit down to plan or review a service design project.

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Discover Touchpoint Vol. 9 No. 1 - Education and Capacity-Building

As service design grows, it faces the challenge of meeting the even greater demand for it. How can the seeds of service design be sown in tomorrow’s designers and business people? How can our techniques be introduced across entire organisations - to be applied by non-designers - to improve their services? And what frameworks can be proposed to categorise (blossoming) service designers according to traits and areas of expertise?

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Service Design Global Conference 2019

Pack your bags because this year’s Service Design Global Conference (SDGC) is headed to Canada, celebrating its 12th anniversary.

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‘Touchpoint’ Now Available on Medium

The SDN is proud to announce that we're now making selected articles from each new issue of Touchpoint available on Medium. Doing so helps fulfil one of our goals of spreading knowledge, insights and awareness of service design to the wider world.

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SDN Global News Touchpoint Anniversary Collection

Touchpoint Anniversary Collection

Touchpoint entered its tenth year of publication, having first been published in early 2009. To celebrate this significant milestone, we are happy to offer a limited Anniversary Collection pack, including 22 Touchpoint issues for the special discounted price of 200€ plus shipping costs (EU 24,50€ / Rest of the world 49,00€).

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