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2020 was a tough year for far too many, and a turning point in under-respected communities’ liberation. As designers, we play a critical role in shaping change within a post-2020 era.

But where do we start? First, we need to find our inner power to be strong for communities we aspire to support. That means that we must face our dear friend impostor syndrome before we can even consider the greater good.

This workshop is for you if you feel like you are never doing enough, and that people will soon discover that you are a fraud. It is for those of us who are headed down a path that we may need to reconsider in order to shift the systems we want to influence, reach our full potential, and make meaning of our day to day efforts. Max Masure will be facilitating this workshop as an introduction to their book “Wake The F*ck Up! An 8-step Workbook To Reclaim Our Inner Power” (

“I’ve been working on the workbook for the last several months and made a lot of progress. So far, I worked on the structure of the workbook (the 8 steps), the main prompts, the interactive tools for each step, as well as content. When October arrived, I moved, got sick with Covid (all recovered thankfully!), and for 2.5 months, I was unable to go back to working on my book. Something was blocking me, terrifying me even.

Birthing this workbook has driven me to a new deep healing journey. I know I have a book in me. I now understand that using my voice to wake up others is crucial for my own healing and liberation. And this is hard AF.

In order to trust my own fire again, I realized that I need to hear and talk to other beautiful human beings so we can get stronger together.

That’s why I am launching the “Wake The F*ck Up!” workshops. It will be an opportunity for me to offer exercises from chapters one and two of my book.”

About the Speaker –

Max Masure (they/them) is an Ethical UX Researcher, DEI Consultant, Author, and Public Speaker. They believe in ethics, human-nature centered design, community-led initiatives, and liberation of under-respected communities. They are a public speaker and regularly talk about trans inclusion, inner power, ethics, and transformative culture. They recently supported the United Nations in their efforts to better engaged people with their Sustainable Development Goals, trained a global hotel company to better serve their transgender and gender nonconforming customers, and they are currently advising the Service Design Network organization by being a founding member of their Diversity, Education, and Inclusion Taskforce.

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Loose Agenda –

** We Will Be Recording this Session**

6:00 pm ~ 6:10 pm: Settling In, Housekeeping

6:10 pm ~ 7:45 pm:

Paying Attention To Our Inner Power’s Whispers

Through exercises, we will explore ways to debunk impostor syndrome.

You’ll leave with tools to use regularly in your journey to reclaiming your inner power.

7:45 pm ~ 8:00 pm Wrap Up Q&A, Closing

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