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The 2020s are off to a tumultuous start--and this sort of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) requires us to consider new approaches to living and working well. So how do we put calls to "reimagine work", "rethink success" and "get comfortable being uncomfortable" into practice?

What does it mean to flourish in times of unrelenting change? This interactive workshop is designed to help you make sense of where you stand and to consider what's next using experimentation and curiosity to guide the way. You'll leave the session with new tools and perspectives on finding your way to a meaningful career--even when the way isn't clear.

Joan Ball is an an Assistant Professor and researcher in the Tobin College of Business at St. John's University and founder of WOMBLab where she works with individuals, teams and organizations to design services to help them navigate uncertainty and change. She is especially interested in the opportunities and challenges we face at points of transition--those inevitable WhatNow? Moments. Building upon her research on transformative service design, delight and resilience, she is working on a new book: Embracing Flux®: Learning to Flourish in Times of Uncertainty and Change.

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Loose Schedule:

6:00 ~ 6:30 pm Grab a Bite (pizza provided) & Network

6:30 ~ 6:50 pm Fundamentals of Flux

6:50 ~ 7:15 pm Hands On Exercise

7:15 ~ 7:30 pm Transitions and Vistas

7:30 ~ 8:00 pm Hands on Exercise

8:00 ~ 8:15 pm Table Discussion, Questions, Networking

See you there :)