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How might we design products and services with a lens towards equity and inclusion for maximum impact? How might we use a design process to help build equity and inclusion with underinvested communities?

What would need to change about how we conduct research, how we generate concepts, and how we prototype interventions to make sure our approach has been equitable and inclusive? How does the current approach to design (design thinking, human centered design) fall short for communities that experience imbalances in power and resources? How can designers contribute to the social, economic, and systemic injustices in the world?

This participatory session will take a forward-facing and constructive approach to building tools for equity, inclusion and ethical practices in our work. The SDN NYC is looking forward to having Alexandra Fiorillo spend an evening sharing her point of view on lessons learned from her work at GRID Impact (

Alexandra can be found on LinkedIn

General itinerary —

** We Will Be Recording Main Zoom Room Presentation, Conversation**

6:00 pm ~ 6:20 pm Settling In, Housekeeping, Impromptu Networking

6:20 pm ~ 6:50 pm Alex delivers context-setting presentation, clarifying Q&A, Discussion Prompts

6:50 pm ~ 7:30 pm 2 Rounds of Discussion in Small Groups

7:30 pm ~ 7:45 pm Alex presents some final thoughts about actions items to try

7:45 pm ~ 8:00 pm Q&A, Wrap Up, Close

See you online.

Kathleen, Natalie, Antonio