Chapter events - Switzerland

We are excited to invite you to the webinar “Strategic Design framework to navigate complex ecosystems” which will present a framework to tackle complexity in Service Design projects. In this webinar you’ll discover the beta version of a new framework to navigate complex environments.

A hands-on webinar format

This webinar is made of three parts

  • Talk: a presentation of the structure of the framework and how to use it in your Service Design practice
  • Workshop: hands-on time with the framework
  • Q&A: ask your questions to the creators of the framework and share your feedback

We will have a presentation, a workshop, and a discussion. 

About the framework

This framework was co-created by Kevin Richard, Daiana Zavate, Krasi Bozhinkova.

The framework uses metaphors which interconnect and help draw a map of realities & possibilities, and highlight relationships to foster new narratives.

This is a tool to help organisations do either diagnosis or prospective work about a current situation and/or a potential challenge/problem. The aim is to enable organisations to find direction, develop a portfolio of strategies, or simply make better decisions.

It is built around 4 main concepts:

  1. Oceans – The type of environment(s) the organisation is navigating in (eg. market);
  2. Archetypes – The type of organisational behaviours and related heuristics;
  3. Landscape – The type of contextual structures that exist within/around the organisation and provide capabilities and constraints;
  4. Monsters – The type of challenges and obstacles.

Expected outcomes:

This webinar and framework can help to:

  • better understand a current situation;
  • better understand a potential challenge/problem;
  • figure out a direction;
  • create strategies;
  • make better decisions.

Date and hosts

Thursday 6 April 2023  from 6 PM to 8 PM (CET, Swiss Time)

See time in your local time zone

A big thank you to the volunteers who make this event possible.

This is a free 2-hour webinar that will happen remotely

Kevin Richard
Kevin Richard - Host

Founder of the Design & Critical Thinking community and Customer Experience Manager in the Swiss Health Insurance industry.

Daiana Zavate
Daiana Zavate - Guest Speaker

Design Lead at Owtcome, Netherlands.

Krasi Bozhinkova
Krasi Bozhinkova - Guest Speaker

Strategic Designer at Owtcome, Netherlands.

Daniele Catalanotto
Daniele Catalanotto - Swiss SDN

Daniele represents the Swiss Chapter of the Service Design Network during this event.

Partner organisations

This event is made possible through the collaboration of members from multiple design and innovation communities around the world.